Shorter CBS: I only read Playboy for the articles


Reliable Sources email thingie tells us…

Anderson Cooper taped the sit-down with Stormy Daniels for “60 Minutes” several days ago… But the official word is that the segment doesn’t have an air date yet.

“BuzzFeed’s well-sourced legal reporter Chris Geidner said Sunday that “lawyers associated with President Donald Trump are considering legal action to stop ’60 Minutes’ from airing” the interview. His story notes that “Trump and his legal team often have threatened litigation without following through on those threats in the past.” When I reached Michael Cohen on his cell phone, he deferred Q’s to his lawyer and told me I should wear more makeup on TV…

“As this story in Monday’s NYT points out, any action to block the interview “could create a major First Amendment standoff.” CBS has no comment…

“WSJ reporter Michael Rothfeld, part of the team that broke the Stormy Daniels payoff story, joined me on Sunday’s show. “Where the money came from” is a big part of the story, he said. The focus is on the money, not the alleged sex…”

The problem here is that CBS wants it both ways. They know that sex sells the story, but if there is a real-world scandal here it is going to be about how The Russian Usurper’s stupidest lawyer Michael Cohen committed campaign finance fraud by not reporting the $130K Ameros he gave to Stormy as hush money, as a campaign contribution.

The blunt truth is that there is probably no one who thinks that Comrade Stupid didn’t horn-up Stormy Daniels (amongst the many).

But, you know, CBS is the Tiffany Network and while giving a pornstar a coveted position (see why I did there?) on their premier news show to drive up ratings, and then sniff that the story is about the money.

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8 Responses to Shorter CBS: I only read Playboy for the articles

  1. Osirisopto says:

    Sex sells but chaos reigns.

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  2. Condi says:

    As someone is wont to say: “$20, same as on either NBC or ABC.”

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I only read Penthouse for the Forum.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    I used to read Playboy for the cartoons. OK, the nekkid wimmin, too.

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  5. Sir Nigel says:

    When you take out a loan on your house to pay off a porn star, is it called a HO-LOC?

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    • tengrain says:

      Sir Nigel –

      I suspect that somewhere out there, there must be a Best Little Whorehouse in Texas joke we can make!

      I leave that in your capable hands, sir!




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