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The Almond Joy of conspiracy theorists, Liz Crokin (because sometimes you feel like a nut), wants us to know that Bolognese Sauce enthusiast  John Podesta’s days as a free man are numbered!

“There’s lots of chatter John Podesta was arrested today or will be tomorrow… Who knows for sure. What I do know is that John Podesta WILLL [sic] be arrested very soon no matter what! That I can guarantee. I don’t want to rule tomorrow out, it’s definitely possible.”

(I really love the disclaimer, who knows for sure. Also/too: posted on March 10; he still roams the earth unencumbered.)

Bolognese sauce is not a crime, Liz.

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6 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. another kiwi says:

    “I wish to make a citizen’s arrest!”


  2. roket says:

    Show me the charges. Funny how conservatives appear to be the ones who are unable to filter out fake news.


  3. Ten Bears says:

    I am sorry, Bolognese sauce is a crime.

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  4. Osirisopto says:

    She’s got the mouth foam down pretty well, but she needs to understand that a leader can be wrong, but can never be uncertain.

    Alex jones sleeps well tonight.


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