PBS: A Disturbance In The Farce

If you say so…

Sweet Jeebus with tote bag, PBS is again trying to lick the jackboot that kicks them:

PBS Announces Conservative Talk Show As Trump Administration Mulls Whacking Pubcaster’s Funding

“As the Donald Trump administration mulls whacking its funding for PBS, the pubcaster said today that it is launching a conservative talk show. In Principle will be hosted by Michael Gerson, a Washington Post columnist and former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush, and Amy M. Holmes, formerly of Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV and a cable news conributor.

In Principle launches on the triskaidekaphobic Friday, April 13. PBS will make a call about its future after an initial eight-week run. The series producer is Grace Cutler, who recently was the Managing Editor of News for Sinclair-owned Circa.com. Sinclair has been in the news on its own lately as it tries to buy Tribune Media and expand its right-leaning footprint to 70% of U.S. homes.

“The hosts plan to interview two guests each show, hoping for an in-depth discussion on issues and their formative political experiences. No guests have been announced yet, but Gerson said he’d like to discuss issues including race, gun control and whether conservatism is the right message for the working class.”

I’m old enough that I should remember Firing Line (but I don’t), but what I do not recall, ever, was a PBS talk show with a deliberate Left focus. Another attempt to win over funding from Republicans will fail. Republicans will even see this as kissing ass and being WEAK! SAD!

Do they really think that they can get everyone’s Facebook Rage Uncles to switch the channel from Fox News on a Friday Night, when some bottle-blonde she-wolf of the Nazis is likely to cross her legs to watch a speechwriter for Chimpy McStagger?

I note with amusement that the symbolic maiden voyage of this shit show is Friday the 13th in April.


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5 Responses to PBS: A Disturbance In The Farce

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    In Principle? These assholes have no principles!

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Should that read “bottle-blonde she-wolf of the Nazis likely to uncross her legs”?

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  3. Richard Webb says:

    I’ll predict that it does well enough to be picked up long-term; PBS viewers skew towards the same demographics as your crazy Fox-watching Uncle Bongo. Witness the prime time line-up during the current Spring membership drive: Rolling Stones, Victor Borge, Doo-wop, etc. I mean, *I’m* an Old and you’d have to tie me to a chair.

    Washington Week (which, I assume, In Principle will directly follow) is probably seen as rather “left wing” by a lot of that demo. In Principle is probably PBS’s attempt at being “fair and balanced.”

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  4. Give it a rest. Buy a ROKU device, plug it into your Smart Tewvee, and watch English-language Aljazeera. It’s live, American celebrities are absent, and the world is a scary place. Also, too, EVERYBODY there is afraid of America and hates it, as well. One hour of that, and you’ll give up on the Sunday Morning Talking Heads!


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