BREAKING! Sleepy-Eyed Chuck Todd Asks Follow-up Question!!!

I guess when sleepy-eyed sonofabitch Chuck Todd is the subject, he FINALLY will ask a follow-up question. (Full disclosure: Chuck Todd still blocks me on Twitter.)

And just because it gives me another chance, I will remind you that the moment that defined Chuck Todd was when he had the privilege of asking the very first question of newly inaugurated Barack Obama at Obama’s first White House press conference, and the question he chose to ask was:

“If Democrats pass a healthcare bill with no Republican votes, will you veto it in the interests of bipartisanship?”

How/why Chuck Todd still has a job is beyond me.

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15 Responses to BREAKING! Sleepy-Eyed Chuck Todd Asks Follow-up Question!!!

  1. roket says:

    Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin DOES NOT LIKE people putting words in his mouth. He has a difficult enough time of it on his own. OK!!!!!!!!!

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  2. MDavis says:

    His policies are mostly vulgarities, too, so no help there.


  3. The patriots at 3 Bulls once shopped Chuckles with a lime peel helmet on his melon, and I can no longer see him without that. I never stop thanking them for that service.

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  4. Oh, gosh, ti wasn’t that hard: /Users/brianmiller/Desktop/todd.jpg


  5. Fuck it all, I blame Pinko Punko.


  6. “How/why Chuck Todd still has a job is beyond me.” FWIW, we were being just as perplexed back in those 3Bulls days. Except for Blue Girl, who though he looked respectable. We mocked her incessantly….


  7. Nora Daly says:

    Chuck Todd is a complete hack!


  8. Ten Bears says:

    Uhhmmm … “sleepy eyes” is an anti-semitic slur. I don’t respect Todd much, but …


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