Water Seeks Its Own Level

Buh-bye, Taylor!

Hey guys, remember this guy, Taylor Weyeneth? You know, the kid who lied on his resume so outrageously that he somehow ended up with a senior post in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy? And then he was publicly humiliated and forced out?

Yeah, him. He’s found a new gig:

“President Donald Trump’s former liaison to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, who was pushed out after questions surfaced about his lack of experience, has joined the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“Taylor Weyeneth will serve as a mid-level official in the office of Community Planning and Development, according to HUD spokesman Raphael Williams. He will focus on opioid policy, Williams said.”

Ben Carson has just met his match, but as the ancient greeks said water seeks its own level, so that Dining Set Ben should end up mentoring C.V. Taylor somehow makes sense. I would have put 500 Quatloos on Rick Perry getting Taylor and doing keg stands together at department meetings, but this seems more poetic to me.

But no joke: this kid ending up on opioid policy is going to be really bad for addicts.

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3 Responses to Water Seeks Its Own Level

  1. donnah says:

    Well, I gotta give the Trump Circus some credit: they are consistent. They literally never learn from their mistakes. Stick someone wholly incompetent into an important position, watch them fail hugely, and then stick them somewhere else. Boy howdy, this will be a big disaster.


    • this will be a big disaster

      will be??? Isn’t that like saying “This is not going to be good!” as you’re watching the first chair violin slide off the deck of the Titanic?

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      • donnah says:

        Well, I meant specifically Weyeneth, but could have said it will be “yet another disaster.” There are so many!


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