Sinclair: Fox 2

The Death of the Media

Remember when gelatinous mass Roger Ailes was still alive and at the helm of Pravda, er, Fox News and each morning he sent to his apparatchiks, er, his “talent” some propaganda talking points and instructions on how to frame the news to reinforce Republican messaging every day? [Ed. The good old days as it turns out. Now FNC sends talking points to The Russian Usurper via Petunia and Pals. –TG]

Well, Sinclair Broadcasting is rewriting ol’  Roger ‘Grease Fire in Hell’ Ailes’ playbook. Take it away, Reliable Sources!

“This is so manipulative.”

“That’s an anchor at a local TV station owned by Sinclair, describing the company’s latest mandate, a promotional campaign that sounds like pro-Trump propaganda.

“Internal documents call the new initiative an “anchor delivered journalistic responsibility message.”

“But the staffers who shared the documents with CNN say the promos are inappropriate — yet another corporate infringement on local journalism.

“At my station, everyone was uncomfortable doing it,” a local anchor said. The person insisted on anonymity because they believed they would be fired for speaking out.”

In case you didn’t know, Sinclair already owns more local television stations in the country than anyone else — 173 it either owns or operates. They are in the process of buying Tribune Media, which will give it dozens more. Imagine Fox News without the cost of a cable subscription. That’s Sinclair.

Some analysts say that Sinclair wants to rival Fox News, although officials at Sinclair have rejected those suggestions. But doing on-air political promos is a pretty strong indicator of what their true ambitions are.

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