News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

I detect a new conspiracy theory…

Our new favorite Conspiracy Theorist, the chock-full-of-nutz Liz Crokin learned about AI, and now she wants to warn us that the Illuminati are going to use it to trick us… into what, exactly?

“‪When the videos from Anthony Weiner’s laptop come out proving Pizzagate is real they’ll claim the videos are fake. This is why the New York Times out out [Ed. “Out! Out! Damn Spot!] this story stating that there’s technology to superimpose someone’s face into a video.”

Oh, Honey, if Weiner Daawg has vids on his laptop… do I even have to go there?

“Remember Newsweek put out a story months ago laughably stating that Russians made a fake Hillary Clinton sex tape. This is how they’re planting the seeds of doubt. Don’t fall for it.”

I’m really confused. The Russians faked a sex tape of HRC, but Weiner Daawg has real ones?

“My solid sources say there are videos on the Anthony Weiner laptop proving Pizzagate, Pedogate and the child sex trafficking is real and that includes a video involving Hillary Clinton molesting a child. I made a video discussing this and it was MAGAPILL’s pinned tweet when President Trump RT’d him. This was the President’s way confirming this is true.”

IT GOES RIGHT TO THE TOP, SHEEPLE!!1! Trump RT’ed something and the someone he RT’ed pinned a tweet of Crokin, so Q.E.D. BITXHEZ!!1!

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9 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. M. Bouffant says:

    Geometric logic there.


  2. My first reading was RT=Russia Today, the administration’s second favorite news source.


  3. ming says:

    That one needs to up her dose of Risperdal.

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  4. Steve-O says:

    We’ve done it. We’ve finally weaponized stupid.


  5. Osirisopto says:

    Whatever you do don’t give her Alex Jones’ phone number.

    They might breed.

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