Fashion Week Continues!

Well, gents, it definitely needed a hat.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Bluegal)

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8 Responses to Fashion Week Continues!

  1. another kiwi says:

    Well, you take a look and a listen to the outside world and this seems like a positive move.


  2. Abu Scooter says:

    Nothing like fashion inspired “Green Eggs and Ham.”


  3. Blue Gal says:

    I’ve been composing a description on twitter:

    “New York’s Hottest Club is Valentino Couture Spring 2018.

    It’s got everything: skirt, pants, belt, feathers, pockets, black socks with silver sandals, gold choker, purple lipstick, and of course, a wig that would make Dr. Seuss cut off his own dick.”

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  4. ming says:

    That outfit would come in handy if I ever needed to camouflage myself as an anemone. Needs clown fish however.


  5. Bruce388 says:

    That outfit screams “Sideshow Bob.”


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