Swamp Draining, Cont.

“I’m here for the table Mr. Carson”

Somewhere, Aaron Schock is laughing:

“Department of Housing and Urban Development officials spent $31,000 on a new dining room set for Secretary Ben Carson’s office in late 2017 — just as the White House circulated its plans to slash HUD’s programs for the homeless, elderly and poor, according to federal procurement records. The purchase of the custom hardwood table, chairs and hutch came a month after a top agency staff member filed a whistle-blower complaint charging Mr. Carson’s wife, Candy Carson, with pressuring department officials to find money for the expensive redecoration of his offices, even if it meant circumventing the law.

“Mr. Carson is also facing questions on another front. Under pressure earlier this month, he requested that HUD’s inspector general investigate his son’s involvement in a department-sponsored listening tour of Baltimore last summer. Department lawyers had warned Mr. Carson that including Ben Carson Jr., an entrepreneur who does business with the federal government, could create a conflict of interest. Mr. Carson ‘didn’t know the table had been purchased,’ but does not believe the cost was too steep and does not intend to return it, said Raffi Williams, a HUD spokesman.”

And so I guess we now know how the Pharoes decorated the interiors of their grain storage pyramids.

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4 Responses to Swamp Draining, Cont.

  1. Bruce388 says:

    Benny the Blade wrote a book called “Gifted Hands.” His gifted ass NEEDS that $5,000 chair.


  2. roket says:

    Obviously, Secretary Ben Carson believes he will get first dibs when Donnie Dorko abolishes HUD.


  3. Lsamsa says:

    I’m still stuck on why anyone needs a dining room set for their office.


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