Faceberg: ‘Oops’


As we noted yesterday, one of the execs at Faceberg, er Facebook threw a lifeline to The Russian Usurper regarding the platform’s use as a Russian weapon of disinformation during the 2016 Goat Rodeo:

…and like a drowning man Comrade Trump swam to the sinking ship.

Today, Faceberg is trying to tell us that Rob Goldman, their VP of Ads, was not speaking for the company, which is a pretty nifty trick if they can pull that one off:

“In a statement Monday morning, Facebook Policy VP Joel Kaplan says “Nothing we found contradicts the Special Counsel’s indictments. Any suggestion otherwise is wrong.”

Axios continues…

“The company’s policy apparatus snapped into motion. According to sources familiar with the matter, Facebook worked over the weekend to drive home the argument, including to Capitol Hill staffers, that Goldman’s comments didn’t speak for the company.

“It also pointed to places where its cooperation with Mueller boosted the indictment, and its commitment to working with the FBI to prevent abuse on its platform.”

Goldman really screwed the pooch. Facebook’s strategy to portray itself as accountable for its mistakes that led to Russian misinformation war and election meddling went up in smoke.

That is a Media platform, and it is gonna end up regulated.

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  1. roket says:

    A statement from the CEO would have held more weight than another VP. Guess which VP the conservatives will believe and quote for years to come?


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