Vote Out The NRA (UPDATED)

What’s so eff’ing frustrating is that we know on average there is a gun massacre twice a week in this country. Before the short month of february is over, there will be two more, and probably more than that. Our political leaders—who could do something about it—will give us thoughts and prayers. And because nothing is done about it, it will happen again. And then there will be more thoughts and prayers and so on.

We will be told this kid, this 19-year old kid, was a lone wolf. He got this idea to do this from somewhere, and it spread like a virus, it passed from lone wolf to lone wolf, and you see there’s nothing to stop them, the guns are so available, so easily available.

So reasonable people will make reasonable, incremental suggestions for lessening the carnage: smaller clips, no gun bump stocks, no automatic weapons. And even those incremental measures will fail because the NRA is a take-no-prisoners, terrorist organization, that has bought our government. This November, vote them out. All of them. You want to stop the killing, vote out the Death Merchants.

The evergreen tweet from The Onion suddenly hit home for the author:

Many people were looking for cause-and-effect:

More cause and effect:

Marco Rubio’s robot is reaching AI perfection:

UPDATE 1: What could go wrong if you send a narcissist with no empathy and a treasure chest of NRA blood money to visit the scene of the crime?

President Trump will visit Parkland, Florida to meet with families and local officials after yesterday’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead.

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  1. tengrain says:

    I know that a lot of people disagree with me, but I just don’t give a shit any more. As Scissorhead B-4 wisely said in a comment elsewhere, we are in a low-grade civil war and I will add that we’re killing each other over the right to own the thing that is killing us.

    You want a gun to defend yourself from a gun grabber, it’s a pretty weak argument, and if owning a gun is your definition of Freedom, you have a pretty poor concept of freedom.

    I’m not the king of the forest, but I would ban all of them, including hunting rifles. Until Bambi shoots back, you don’t need an AR-15.



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