A Disturbance in the Farce

The comedy stylings of Megan McArdle

We were very disturbed when the news last night leaked (like a diaper? Yes.) that Megan McArdle was jumping ship from Bloomberg and landing on the editorial page of the WaPo.

Take it away, Alicublog!

“Much has been made today of Megan McArdle’s promotion to the Washington Post. (I thought the Times was more likely to take her, but one “Liberal Media” outfit is just as good as another.) There have been some good new considerations of her nightmarish career, and renewed interest in old ones.

“These get the broad outlines well enough — her libertarian lack of concern for people unlike herself (recently epitomized by her amazing column on the Grenfell Tower tragedy), her impressive imperviousness to alternate points of view — the elements, that is, that made her rise inevitable.  But these miss some of the shadings, the characteristics that make characters, as Forster had it, round rather than flat. That job needs more time to do properly than I have at present, but I can perhaps put a blush on the marble.”

Read the whole thing, it’s delightful.

Richard Cohen, World’s Worst Writer

The only thing I can add to this shocking news is my general squealing with joy when I consider the possibility that she might share the page—if not the office—with Richard Cohen, “The World’s Worst Writer,” who is renown for being something of a ladies man.

(One man’s hebbin is another man’s hell, as they say.)

Anyway, thought you’d like to know so if you need to make other arrangements for lining the bird cage, you’ve been warned.

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2 Responses to A Disturbance in the Farce

  1. Retiredeng says:

    I’m waiting for Gargle’s latest cookbook:

    “100 Endangered Species Entrees Using Pink Himalayan Salt”


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    There are so many talented writers out there, but fucking McAddled gets a prestigious, plum gig at WaPo… there’s no justice in this world.


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