Open Tab: The Truth is Out There (Really?)

News at 11.

This feature on Buzzfeed is both fascinating and disturbing.

Aviv Ovadya was one of the first techies to identify fake news as a problem, says he is worried about an information apocalypse in which people give up on finding the truth.

Warning flags are being waved by engineers, academics, lawmakers about tech dangers, yet no one is doing anything about it, it looks like a perfect storm because everyone who could do something is in on the game:

  • There’s an ungodly amount of Ameros being earned from advertisers
  • Politicians are exploiting these weaknesses (Devin Nunes’ fake news website yesterday)
  • Marketing companies are getting clicks and eyeballs for their customers and making a fortune

And it looks like it is more than just Faceberg not understanding the monster he created, though he is certainly Exhibit A.

Anyway, it’s a long piece and will be a (good?) lunchtime read, if not dystopian future prediction.

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5 Responses to Open Tab: The Truth is Out There (Really?)

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Ten years ago I was teaching at a small college in Eastern Oregon that logging on to Ashley Madasen dot com with your wife’s credit card probably not such a good idea, and they got rid of me.

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  2. AuroraS says:

    The driving force of this appears to be The Profit Motive. Could it (or shouldn’t it) be illegal to profiteer off of selling people pure bullshit? That sounds like false advertising.

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  3. ming says:

    It just doesn’t seem that hard to sort out bullshit from reality if you are a little skeptical and actually interested in figuring it out. However, people believe what they want to believe and then seek sources to confirm their world view. We are all guilty of confirmation bias to some extent, but those who get all of their information from FuxNews or Alex Jones don’t really care.


    • tengrain says:

      In general, I agree with you Ming. But that said, I’ve met few people with good critical thinking skills (myself included). The phrase in that piece that really resonated with me (I’m still not done reading it) is exploit our attention economy. I think he’s onto something.



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  4. As disturbing as this is, I can’t help but giggle delightedly at that gif. One of the all-time classics.


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