Let Them Eat Cheese

The news that the Fourth Reich plans to distribute food instead of food stamps reminded me of a point in the Reagan years when something similar was attempted.

It didn’t go over well. The most cutting remark at the time was mockingly attributed to Nancy Reagan as, “Let them eat cheese.”

The truth of the matter was that surplus commodity items in storage were not really good.

From the essential book of the Reagan Era, The Clothes Have No Emperor:

As Christmas approaches, President Reagan authorizes the distribution of 30 million pounds of surplus cheese to the poor. According to a government official, the cheese is well over a year old and has reached “critical inventory situation.” Translation: it’s moldy.”

Excerpt From: Paul Slansky. “The Clothes Have No Emperor.”

Now, I don’t know if times have changed enough that the cheese is less moldy, but I somehow doubt it. And the essential thing to consider is that this is just like the alleged ACA Death Panels, only with Republicans telling people what to eat, for Freedom! Getting between the people and the grocer.

The other thing to consider is that someone, somewhere, is going to be making a buck off of selling low quality canned goods to the government. Look for a Republican donor to get a no-bid contract if this comes to pass.

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11 Responses to Let Them Eat Cheese

  1. Osirisopto says:

    Ah, yes. I remember the government cheese.

    I’ll need a LOT more tequila to forget those days. No, wait that’s what started it.

    I wonder what Debbie and Babette are up to now?


  2. w3ski4me says:

    We tried this before under the name of “Commodities” and it was buggy, poor quality food that cost too much to distribute. Then they came up with the Original Food Stamps and now a debit card instead of mailing the “stamps”.
    In Twittler’s quest to go back in time, he never knew this didn’t work the first time they tried it.
    Somebody wants the Gov to buy their inedible food and stick it to the poor.


  3. TheMatch says:

    Gubbamint© Cheez was basically indistinguishable from velveeta


  4. Lsamsa says:

    Perhaps the current (ahem) administration (ahem) could make the evangelical hypocrites happier as well as feed the lazy masses…Jim Bakker’s survivalist buckets of slop…lasts forever…win win win.
    Who is big brother now?


  5. I have hated Reagan and his Republican Party for over half my life, now.


  6. JTO says:

    Food Stamps are an investment in local communities – actually. People use them in their local grocery stores, bodegas and yes, Walmart, Jewel and Safeway. That billions of Ameros are taken away from South Side shops, or the Wiggly-Piggly in Sisterfuck, AK, IS going to affect them.
    Being able to choose between bologna and peanut butter for the week’s sandwiches may seem banal, but Jesus tits, that’s at least a choice.
    Packaged ‘America’s Harvest’ boxes will just be another great grift – rife with corruption and brutality, AND suck money out of grocery stores, and leave people hungrier and worse off than before. Yet, it is the ‘libtards’ who will be blamed for poor quality, dangerous and expensive ‘food.’
    If we have to airdrop food to hungry people in the United States, why not just send them MREs?
    Oh, right, that is food for heroes, not scum.

    Weeping in solidarity from the Arctic Socialist Hellscape of Waffles and Brown Cheese.


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    • w3ski4me says:

      Well said. Our local markets take in a huge dollar amount in Food Stamps each day. To remove that from our local markets will make even more people in need of those benefits.


  7. RobGinChicago says:

    Looks like Trump found a spot in his mal-Administration for Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


  8. Infidel753 says:

    Would you accept a box of food from the political party that thought it was OK to let the Flint water crisis drag on for four years? From the political party that’s trying to loosen safety and health regulations everywhere? They’ve already established what their standards are.

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    • That’s the plan. Like ICE making certain that immigrants are easy prey for criminals and exploiters to force them to leave the country, their intent is to make it so onerous to be poor that they’ll just stop being poor.

      Hah ha I keed I keed. They don’t think that at all. They just want to punish people because they get their jollies hurting people.

      I’d say eat the rich, but they’re all fatty and greasy, and probably we’d get infected with whatever prion disease turns them into sociopathic monsters..

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  9. StonyPillow says:

    President Shithole is going to vanquish those Young Bucks and their T-bone steaks rolling around in his addled brain, if it’s the last thing he does. Yeah, he’s got Reagan disease.


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