You Think It Cannot Happen Here

The Holocaust Living History Workshop (HLHW) series continues this January.

I keep returning to my darkest fears as we clearly are heading towards a fascistic state.

We do have some laws that must be followed and one of them is that while anyone is in the United States, they are bound by the Constitution. And that means that they get their day in court.

Kangaroo Court, maybe?

Hair Führer is certain that there will be no deal to protect the Dreamers by March 5. He’s not just banking on it, he’s in the midst of it stirring the pot.

Staffers in the White House are allegedly working with the Senate to work out details on a super-seekrit plan to save the Dreamers.

And if you read the Axios article, you will note that Comrade Stupid is hardly mentioned at all. You can bet he doesn’t know about it or cares. It reeks of being a skunk works.

And no one knows if the Senate will go for this plan, but we do know that the Freedom Caucus will try to kill it dead because they see anything short of booting the Dreamers out of the country as amnesty, which they hate almost as much as they hate the Dreamers themselves.

And when March 5 comes and there is no deal, we will be treated to images like the one above, but instead of actual Nazis it will be ICE agents tearing apart 800,000 families and putting the soon-to-be-deported into boxcars on the way to “Processing Centers,” not concentration camps. Day in Kangaroo court, remember?

In Possum Hollar, ever Dreamer is a gang-banger and or a moocher and they cannot wait to send ‘em back where they come from, y’all.  Trump is beholden to these racists and will do what he can to make them happy. It’s a campaign promise after all, something new to check-off Bannon’s white board.


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5 Responses to You Think It Cannot Happen Here

  1. osirisopto says:

    I don’t think it will happen here because we are speaking up for the downtrodden.


  2. Steve-O says:

    If those in the photo had a distinctly Japanese appearance, then it did happen here.


  3. laura says:

    Hey, if those are a combination of Mexicans and Americans, under operation bracero, it did happen here too.
    What the what is wrong with wypipo?


  4. RobGinChicago says:

    Right now, there is a federal court injunction throwing a wrench into Trump’s murder of DACA, but Trump vows to keep packing the courts with his drones until he’s able to fully control that entire branch of government as well. Here’s a link to a recent WAPO article on the injunction:


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