The Death of the Media

Eleventy-dimensional Stratergery from Devin Nunes!

The Reliable Sources newsletter thingie tells us about more FAKE NEWS!!1! But this time it really is fake, and we know that because Devin Nunes (R- Trump’s Ass) is the principal faker:

“Devin Nunes’ campaign created a “news” site…

“Politico’s Devin Siders exposed this on Saturday. “The campaign committee for House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has been funding a website billed as a local news outlet,” CNN’s Eli Watkins wrote. The site was called…

“…But now it’s gone

“Soon after the Politico story came out, the site came down. The URL is now redirecting to a Facebook page for the site, which claims “heavy traffic and an attack on our servers” is to blame.

“My two cents: Sites like these are inevitable. More and more campaigns, companies and individuals will operate like media companies. It’s incumbent on real newsrooms to help people distinguish between and…”

I think Reliable Sources exactly got it right. Wingnuttia has learned that the base doesn’t believe in any news sources that doesn’t reflect their own beliefs, and so it seems only natural that predators like Nunes will exploit that. I always thought that Fox News was the 1984-ish Ministry of Truth, but it may be that every Wingnut, NeoCon, New Confederate, and Y’all Qaeda cell will have their own MiniTrue.

If you see one of these popping up in your own state, let the rest of us know. I think this is going to be a trend for the 2018 Pie Fight.The

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4 Responses to The Death of the Media

  1. w3ski4me says:

    Shout out to the “Sac Bee”. Living where I do in the Ca foothills it’s hard to get any real news about Local stuff. “Ledger Dispatch” and “Calaveras Enterprise” included. My Lady and I were “first responders” to a car off the local highway, it never made any news, and a Cal Fire Truck ‘ripped’ the entire side off of somebody’s pick up and that never made the news either.
    False news is a waste of time especially when real news is so hard to come by.
    You’d think that there would be at least an internet market in “news” everywhere.
    Who would have guessed ‘this’ is the 21rst Century?


  2. rich says:

    Bill Priestap


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  4. daisy morant says:

    this morning -3-20-18 @11:30 am – i tried the link – there’s a big fb icon for redirects but when i closed it the site was there complete w. the masthead (bottom of page) i’m a retired journalist and i loathe current us politics. thankful i don’t live in the soon-to-be kingdom-of-dump


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