Happy Shut-Down Day (Again)

Everyone is a Teabagger

The Senate made some sort of a budget deal that would increase this year’s defense spending by $80 billion and domestic spending by $63 billion. If the bill passes, our gubmint will not shut down. E-Z peas-y, right?


House Dims don’t like the deal because it has nothing about DACA, and have accused Chuck Schumer of caving. Shocking, I know. Minority leader Nancy Pelosi did a dramatic, one-person one-minute of personal privilege for 8+ hours yesterday to say she would not vote for this bill unless ZEGS put DACA up for a vote, too.

The House Freedom Caucus also is likely to vote against the Senate bill because it increases the federal deficit (hahaha, their principled stand is comical in light of the Billions for Billionaires $1.5T Amero deficit), thus making Dims votes required for passing the damn bill.

If the House Democrats vote no, the government will shut down (again).

I have no idea how this game of chicken will play out. ZEGS could stop it. Don’t think he will.

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