Frank Luntz Puts Words in Betsy DeVos’ Own Stupid Mouth


We have not heard much from Betsy DeVos lately, and while clearly the most controversial and unqualified member of the Fourth Reich (walking termite buffet Mike Pence was the tie-breaking vote to confirm DeVos), we wondered why she wasn’t still making gaffe-prone headlines.

Initially she couldn’t open her billionaire Amway yap without blurting out something about public Ameros for private religious schools, so what gives?

Frank Luntz has been helping her build a better vocabulary.

“Behind the scenes, DeVos met with Frank Luntz, one of the top Republican messaging experts, to figure out how to talk about conservative educational policies without sparking protests from teachers and liberals. ‘Frank has a 60-slide deck of the words to use, and the words to lose, regarding parental choice, vouchers, charter schools, teacher pay, and all the other issues in education reform,’ said a copy of her schedule from last June, published by the liberal nonprofit American Oversight, which sued for her calendar.”

Jeebus, a 60-slide powerpoint of talking points? Thanks a lot Frankie.

American Oversight has a pretty great website with a searchable database. I think this organization is a great tool for researching what these critters are up to.

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2 Responses to Frank Luntz Puts Words in Betsy DeVos’ Own Stupid Mouth

  1. RWW says:

    And in exchange dimwitted DeVoss taught Luntz the art of multi-level marketting pyramid schemes? Oh shit no, the taxpayers will be billed for Luntz’s “services” and I wouldn’t be surprised if the government is buying warehouses full of unsold and unsellable Amway products at steep prices.

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