Another Brite Idea From Marco Rubio!

Little Marco

Shoe peddler First Shady Ivanka Trump is reportedly working with cha-cha heels wearer Big Gulp Rubio on some sort of an update to the Family Leave Act, and what Politico is reporting should set everyone’s spidy senses tingling:

“Rubio has barely started drafting a paid leave bill, much less a broader legislative strategy. But he envisions an idea that has recently gained traction in conservative circles: allowing people to draw Social Security benefits when they want to take time off for a new baby or other family-related matters, and then delay their checks when they hit retirement age.”

So exactly how would this play out in real life?

“For instance, a person who would begin receiving full benefits when he or she turns 67 years old but wants to take six weeks of paid leave wouldn’t draw Social Security checks until six weeks after his or her 67th birthday.”

1) Paid Leave does NOT come from Social Security currently, and so this would tie it to Social Security and b) so you would have to qualify for Social Security BEFORE you could avail of this program. So how long for lower income people would THAT take?

“Plan for your family’s life-threatening illnesses now, peasants!”

Would they extend job security to this plan, so you have the same/similar job when you return?

Also/Too: presumably the income you earn at a child-bearing years will be much less than the income you will earn at retirement age, so you are really robbing Paul to pay Peter.

And to be blunt: anytime a Republican starts talking about Social Security, grab your wallets. This is a Trojan Horse.

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4 Responses to Another Brite Idea From Marco Rubio!

  1. Would they extend job security to this plan, so you have the same/similar job when you return?

    This is the Administration that put Mick “burn it all down” Mulvaney in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Rip-off Agency…what do YOU think???

    Never Forget, they’re all violently pro-life, right up to the point that the little taker is born and then it’s “pull yourself up by your bootie-straps, yah little slacker!” while excoriating mom for having a kid when she couldn’t afford it (because due to their deeply held corporate religious financial beliefs (“Ev’ry dime is sacred! Ev’ry dime is miiiiiine’) they cheaped out on insurance that wouldn’t cover birth control or prenatal care (“I’m a man why should I pay for something I never need! Now, bitch, go pick up my viagra prescription and make me a sammich!”)

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  2. No matter what they tell you – these people are not pro-life at all.


  3. ming says:

    It would be easier to take the pro-life argument more seriously if it were not so closely associated with the anti-birth contraception crowd.

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  4. laura says:

    Will no one rid me of that skanky bitch and her Cuban pool boy?

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