Hair Führer Welcomes Black History Month As Only He Can

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8 Responses to Hair Führer Welcomes Black History Month As Only He Can

  1. Man I guess they’re lucky they didn’t do something really rude like ‘You Lie!” , he’d have simply called for their immediate lynching execution!

    And I guess that perfidious ACLU left out the part in my pocket constitution about ‘not applauding Il Douche during the State of the Uniom speech’ in the list of treasonable offenses, because I cannot find it anywhere. I do find it says something about ‘adhering to their Enemies, giving them freedom from Congress -mandated sanctions Aid and Comfort.’

    Damn libberal hippies at the ACLU!

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  2. moeman says:

    He should take out a full page ad in the NYT.


  3. mcdee says:

    I understand that when Josef Stalin gave a speech KGB agents would monitor the audience looking for any signs of “insufficient enthusiasm.”

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  4. Osirisopto says:

    There’s still time. He has a whole month.

    Q: How long until he tells black people how much better off they were as slaves?


  5. Jim says:

    The Orange-haired Monster read off a teleprompter and the MSM predictably declared him “presidential”. He then immediately goes back to being insane and wannabee authoritarian. So utterly predictable. Hey, GOP Congress and Beltway media, there will never, ever be a pivot.


  6. Karla says:

    And, in keeping with the family tradition, Ivanka just All Lives Matter’ed Black History Month.


  7. Buttemilk Sky says:

    I think I saw some white people not applauding. Why do they get a pass on treason?


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