Party of Law and Order Now Hates Law and Order

Why the GOP turned against the FBI

Axios morning email thingie tells us…

“President Trump’s hammering on the FBI — and green-lighting yesterday of the Russia memo’s release over Bureau objections — is having a profound effect:

“A SurveyMonkey poll for Axios finds that not even 40% of Republicans approveof America’s main federal law enforcement agency — a stunning turn for the law-and-order party.

“Why it matters: Trump, who earlier turned a huge swath of Republicans toward more favorable opinions of Russia, has now turned his party against his own FBI.

“The numbers: FBI approval in the SurveyMonkey Poll, taken over the past two days, is 64% among Democrats and just 38% among Republicans. Unfavorable opinion of the FBI: 47% in the GOP; 14% among Ds.”

“Be smart: The stark new Republican skepticism of the FBI means that Trump has succeeded in preemptively undermining the findings of special counsel Bob Mueller.

“Many Republicans will now see Mueller’s report or recommendations as a political document, and the conservative media will portray it that way.

“It’s the great muddying we have been telling you about since December.

“This is a massive swing from the initial bipartisan accolades for Mueller.”

Just as a reminder, when Mueller was named as the special counsel:

This is really alarming to me and not just because it puts me in the unusual position of defending the FBI. Are we at another political party realignment like the Civil Rights era? Or is it just that the Republicans are dropping the fig leaf just like they did their dog whistles?

Anyway, the Axios link has lots of graphs and stuff, and more. Worth a peek.

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8 Responses to Party of Law and Order Now Hates Law and Order

  1. osirisopto says:

    Now all the people who have been disparaging the D’s for being spineless finally get their wish. We are now a three party state at last: R’s, Democrats and Russians.

    Saint Ronnie of the Ray-Gun must be so proud.


    • Karla says:

      I guess the parties could be R1, R2, and Dems. I’m not sure which would be repubs and which would be Russians tho.


      • osirisopto says:

        Our choices would be Banana Republican, Democrat or Россия

        Or to put it in context peasants, free men, or surfs.

        And some people will still claim there’s no difference and not vote in protest.


  2. w3ski4me says:

    Pretty damn scary to me. Presidunt Nutwit now has his “smoking gun” that the FBI is out to get him. “Deep State” and all that horse shit. Now he can let his mouth pieces spin that as a “Hostile Government” and even Mueller could find his work shut down with glee.
    I really hope I am just being paranoid but it has seemed for the year now that they have a plan to discredit Law Enforcement if they can’t run it. Like with Sessions.
    The Law was our one chance to set things right and now he is trying to break that.
    Please show me I am wrong?


  3. Redhand says:

    Are we at another political party realignment like the Civil Rights era? Or is it just that the Republicans are dropping the fig leaf just like they did their dog whistles?

    I sensed a drive towards American-style fascism during Bush/Cheney’s “unitary executive” days. This is more of the same, at an increasing pace. When the orange shit-gibbon was elected I predicted blood in the streets. I daresay that is more likely now giving how completely the rank and file GOP have become like loyal NSDAP members.

    The Preznit’s emphasis on immigration and hatred of foreigners is a clear sign that he is following der Fuhrer’s playbook, with brown and black and Asian people standing in for the Jews. “We are a white, Christian nation, and all that.”

    It ain’t over yet. I don’t think that we are lost, but there is going to be a huge struggle ahead, though I still don’t know what form it will take, with the worst outcome being street violence and the military called in to “restore order.” If things really go bad, we could have a de facto civil war. I don’t rule that out.

    One thing i am convinced does have to happen is that the GOP has to be destroyed. ITS complicity with the Russians (via innumerable dark money conduits) has to be exposed so that it loses all credibility as an institution that respects democratic norms.

    2018 will be a bellwether. 2020 will determine if we still have a democratic republic. We could lose.

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    • MDavis says:

      I admit I didn’t get the long game on that “we are a Christian nation” crap. I thought it was a way for Reagan to collude with Falwell and suck in all of Falwell’s loyal flying monkey brigade and share the money that evangelical preachers harvest from them. Now at appears that it is also to have an ‘us’ against the ‘them’ of Muslims and other non-Christian religions. Never mind that the big three are all based on the same book, in fact that just makes the passions more intense (no rivalry like sibling rivalry). I guess we don’t have enough Jews in the US to use the Nazi playbook with them as the primary face of the enemy.
      Did we learn anything from history about stopping the slide into fascism at the source? Because the way I remember it amounts a lot of other countries joining in the fight to stop it.
      OK, now I am having depressing thoughts about projection, and that One World Order that the super-righties flaunt around. Nazis and the super-right seem to have been working on gaining power in countries around the world. How many of those countries would come to the aid of stipping this nonsense this time around?


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