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Gun Oil

Bacon-scented gun oil, called Liberal Tears. No link for obvious reasons, but should be easy to google.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead M.Davis)

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  1. Why do they all think we fall into a puddle and cry when we see a gun?

    This is very puzzling to me. I know many MANY liberals who are quite knowledgeable about guns, even to the point where we can actually handle them in a safe and competent manner.

    (unlike most conservatives, apparently. For example, I have never in my life considered cooking bacon by wrapping it around the barrel of a gun, like, for instance, Ted Cruz. Or shoot at bombs, like that fucking BP agent who started a 40,000 acre wildfire in Arizona that burned a bunch of structures. You now, treat them like they’re NOT FUCKING TOYS.)

    I wonder what they would think if they realized that many liberals even OWN guns…we just don’t share their compulsive need to parade them in public like a 3-year old who discovered he can agitate the adults by running around naked showing off his teensy little pee-pee.

    They are truly a strange and backwards tribe with odd customs and prejudices.


    • MDavis says:

      In spite of the bacon scent, it is said to be a good lubricating oil.
      Even so, I think I will always look for another brand, even for our guns.


  2. Ten Bears says:

    Earplugs!? The drumpf uck is gonna’ stop, put in his earplugs and then shoot the bad guy!?

    Bruce, I am one of those, though “liberal” gives me the willies. I like to think of myself as a Pissed-Off Pistol-Packing Progressive, though through sixty-three years of perpetual motion I have learned that discretion is the better part of survival. I am in fact am quite happy when the retards are vocal in their revolution, who feel the need to tell everyone they are Armed And Dangerous and are Gonna’ Overthrow the Government. While I sit quietly at home on my sack of seeds.

    Grandma used to always say “It is better to keep your mouth shut and people think you’re a fool than open it and remove all doubt.” G’Da would chuckle and say naw, kid, that’s not the way of it, it’s better just to keep your mouth shut and let people think whatever the hell they want to think.

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    • MDavis says:

      Could be showing off for his concealed permit instructor. We were required to bring eye and ear protection for the practical section. I ended up with second and third thoughts after the course. You have to register with the county cops (Not state) and the county cops are [significant pause] problematic. Giving them a record of having the CC permit might be a warning for them to back off, or they might take it as an invitation to shoot first if they have any interactions with us.
      There are some parts of living here that I do not like.


      • Ten Bears says:

        Sucks to have flags next to your name, especially ones you had no control over, like military service in the early seventies. I tend to view registration the same way I view the aforementioned bozos: just go right ahead on telling the government you are armed and consider yourself both dangerous and outside the “law”. It was in fact a nutball talking point years ago, registering just tells them where to find you.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    These people genuinely have a pathological condition.

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    • another kiwi says:

      Yes I think it is a condition mainly because of the simultaneous belief in their complete badassery yet whining about “Merry Christmas” etc.

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  4. So, someone actually sat down and came up with the name, design and went on to manufacture this as opposed to just spending more time with their precious guns?? Makes perfect sense!

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  5. I don’t think Conservatives know the least thing about us. We have, for example, jobs, earn a living, shoot the odd firearm, have some kind of relationship to military service, live in neighborhoods, have skin and some kind of game to supposedly place a portion of same in with respects to social policies like health care and social security. The weird supposition of RWingers is that we aren’t, among other things, corporeal, job-having, God-recognizing, American (for the various degrees of born here, raised right, and knowing the various secret handshakes thereof) and properly educated. When I would allege that our proper education and other etceteras are our prime motive for wanting MORE.


  6. Wait. Is it possible this “Tears of Liberals” gun lube could also be used as sexytime lube? Inquiring minds want to know!


  7. Osirisopto says:

    Liberal tears. Their other product is liberal penetrator.

    Since ammosexuals lack any semblance of self awareness, purchasers should be questioned by the authorities with a child psychologist present. There’s obviously some trauma there.


  8. Osirisopto says:

    This raises the question “Is voting for Trump proof of mental illness?”


  9. sleeve98 says:

    Offending and outraging liberals is the point. Our pain is their gain.
    They don’t care about policy at all; governing is entirely beside the point.

    This is a disease. How do you cure it? Surely giving them everything they want is not the answer – they already have near-complete control of the federal government, and yet their malice only grows. Not even during the Bush administration have I been so shamed by my own countrymen.


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