Drowning Man Swims To Sinking Ship

Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac

More Exciting News From Trump HQ!

The WaPo:

“On Wednesday, as Republicans were clamoring to make public a secret document they think will undercut the investigation into Russian meddling, President Trump made clear his desire: Release the memo.

“Trump’s directive was at odds with his own Justice Department, which had warned that releasing the classified memo written by congressional Republicans would be “extraordinarily reckless” without an official review. Nevertheless, White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly relayed the president’s view to Attorney General Jeff Sessions — although the decision to release the document ultimately lies with Congress.”

If Comrade Trump does this (which he can all on his own, power of the preznintcy), I think it will backfire on him gloriously. Remember the Secret Society? That’s where that conspiracy theory came from.

I don’t know much about Obstruction of Justice, but I do know that one has to prove intent to obstruct. Releasing a classified document full of squid ink that casts doubt on the integrity of the FBI sounds like intention to me.

Do it, Comrade Stupid. I dare you. I double-dog dare you.

UPDATE 1: Tiger Beat on the Potomac talks to authorities on Obstruction to see what they say.

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3 Responses to Drowning Man Swims To Sinking Ship

  1. roket says:

    I still remember the good old days when presidents were impeached for lying about a frigging blowjob. Guess being a Democrat has a lot to do with it, also too.

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  2. MDavis says:

    But her emails.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Help me Oh Benghazi! You’re my only hope!!!


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