Today, In Hostage Taking

The animal magnetism of Stephan “Pee-Wee Goering” Miller is palpable.

Comrade Racist unveiled its new immigration framework, which Pee-Wee Hermann Goering said will save 1.8 million DREAMers in exchange for $25 billion dollars for increased border security. So that’s the current hostage exchange rate? That’s like $14K* Ameros per hostage! I don’t think that the bad guys in the Die Hard movies would even try that.

The proposal also limits legal forms of immigration, like the diversity visa lottery program, and excludes immigrants from sponsoring family members; sorry, not sorry. (Inline update: TPM has a pretty great analysis of what’s in the framework, and it is WORSE than I thought: “The core of Trump’s reform is a dramatic reduction of legal immigration and changes which change the ethnic and racial makeup of the immigration which continues.”)

So why is Pee-Wee’s picture up top? You see, his constituency of knuckle-dragging racists and white nationalists hate the framework, too: it’s not mean enough and they told him so.

(CNN)A call about the White House’s newly released immigration plan between Stephen Miller, the conservative White House adviser who has been spearheading the West Wing’s immigration push, and representatives of hardline immigration groups grew heated Thursday, multiple sources tell CNN…

…The call grew contentious, some of the sources said, when Miller began to solicit input from the conservative immigration groups, many of which have long advocated restrictions on legal immigration and no amnesty for undocumented immigrants currently in the United States. For the hardline groups, the main issue is that the “amnesty” — the citizenship for 1.8 million people — is not offset by corresponding cuts to the legal immigration system…

“It’s a letdown because if this were the end result after fighting in Congress and you had to either take this or nothing, I don’t know, I can’t say that I would definitely say no,” he said. “But to start with something like this is absurd.”

He added: “I am starting to think not only did the President not write the ‘Art of the Deal,’ I am thinking he didn’t even read the book.”

So, let’s do the math… carry the two… it’s dead. The Dims won’t go for it, and the New Confederacy won’t go for it. The Dims might now realize that they MUST attach this to must-pass legislation, because this will never pass as a stand-alone bill. February 8 is running at us full-force.

Prediction: there will be ANOTHER Continuing Resolution into March. Saving the Dreamers is going to go right up to the final date, it’s an Apprentice-style cliff-hanger.

*Hat tip: Scissorhead Mattyboy. My calculator ran outta zeroes. Need to stock up.

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6 Responses to Today, In Hostage Taking

  1. Matthew Hubbard says:

    Um, math. 25 billion divided by 1.8 million is around $14,000 not $14 mil.

    Your mathy pal,

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  2. roket says:

    Gross. The republican base wants Pee-Wee Hermann Goering to be an even bigger prick than he already is. Compromise is for pussies.


  3. Osirisopto says:

    The Nazi’s won’t be satisfied until the wall has built in ovens.
    The D’s won’t be satisfied until they can sell out their constituency, and principles, while alienating the most motivated voting base we’ve seen since the republican depression of the 1930’s.

    While the R’s are energizing their base in advance of the midterm election the D’s are helping them do it.

    We are so effed we need pregnancy tests.

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  4. Infidel753 says:

    On DACA, Trump is now changing positions faster than Stormy Daniels ever did. I think he’s realized he’s not going to be able to deport them — public opinion won’t stand for it — so he’s just trying to get as much as possible in exchange for giving up on that, since he knows he’ll have to anyway.

    It’s now a question of getting him down to a price the Democrats are willing to pay. A Republicans-only solution is impossible because of the filibuster in the Senate and the lunatics in the House.

    I don’t think the Democrats will be foolish enough to go the shutdown route again. Last weekend’s shutdown caused a rapid shift of public opinion in the Republicans’ favor and might even have undermined sympathy for the DREAMers if it had dragged on much longer.

    Best-ever picture of Miller. He looks like a retarded gecko.


    • tengrain says:

      Infidel –

      Yeah. We’ve been saying it for a while, there’s no will here for a solution:

      1. Mitch McConnell is a man without honor and won’t let this progress.
      2. Paul Ryan is a sociopath, so even if Mitch does, Ryan won’t. Also: the Hastert Rule.
      3. The Freedumb Caucus is working on its own incredibly cruel immigration bill that will not pass the House, and even if somehow it did, it could never be reconciled with a Senate Bill: it will die in Conference.
      4. Comrade Trump won’t sign anything unless he gets money for his last monument to the Confederacy: the freakin’ wall.

      I don’t see anything there that changes the trend. If I were a Dreamer, I’d start packing and/or go underground.




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