And Speaking of Xristian Hypocrisy…

Do it for the children

…following from the previous post, this post from The Friendly Atheist has been an open tab:

A Mississippi legislator, Credell Calhoun, has proposed a bill that would force teachers to recite the Ten Commandments at the beginning of every school day. Because what Mississippi needs in its public schools is more Jesus.

Calhoun. It had to be a guy named Calhoun. Take the wheel, Jeebus!

House Bill 1100 would amend existing laws in the following ways:

What used to be an optional moment of silence would be required in every public school.

A copy of the Ten Commandments would also have to be displayed in every classroom (alongside the already-required “In God We Trust” signs).

So how would this actually work? From the text of the bill itself we learn:

The school board of each school district shall require the teachers in that school district to have the Ten Commandments recited aloud at the beginning of the first hour of class each day that school is in session. Any student or teacher who objects to reciting the Ten Commandments must be excused from participating without penalty.

So besides being patently  un-Constitutional, what does this have to do with public education, except take up even more of a teacher’s already busy schedule? Kindergarteners get to learn about adultery?

PS –

Regular readers already know this, but it bears repeating: I don’t begrudge anyone their faith, if anything I am sort of jealous that people have faith. I don’t have faith that the next Kleenex will pop up, and I’m right about that often enough.

All that said, what I really want from the Xristians is to be left alone. I don’t need to convince them that they are wrong, but I don’t need them to try to inflict themselves on me (or anyone else).

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18 Responses to And Speaking of Xristian Hypocrisy…

  1. As a Christian person I am disgusted by this, as I am by Franklin Graham and his ongoing blasphemy about God placing Trump in the WH, and by Tony Perkins, the Mulligan man. They are delusional and so dangerous. Frankly they worship at the altar of their own choosing, not that of God.


  2. I’m not sure if your comments allow links, but I’ll put this one here, because this guy John Pavlovitz is so on target.


  3. roket says:

    “Kindergarteners get to learn about adultery?”

    It’s never too soon to start in the south. Especially since, with today’s evangelicals, the 10 Commandments are more of a “how-to” guide.


  4. RWW says:

    Shouldn’t everyone have to learn Hebrew first?


  5. Bruce388 says:

    It’s cheaper than buying schoolbooks.


  6. Jennifer Livsey says:

    I don’t mean to be one of “those people”, but the 10 Commandments is Old Testament, not the Jesus one. Not that it makes it any less wrong.


    • tengrain says:

      Jennifer –

      The Evangelicals don’t like that dirty hippy Jeebus, they like the old, Angry Gawd who keeps the rif-raf in line with threats of eternal hellfire.

      I much prefer the Beatitudes, personally .




  7. Infidel753 says:

    I don’t need them to try to inflict themselves on me (or anyone else).

    Too bad. That’s the fundies’ entire goal these days. It’s what they live for.

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  8. moeman says:

    Um, about those Kleenex ‘popping’ up. I think there’s a commandment that says Thou Shalt not masturbate (because you’ll go blind and won’t be able to read your bible). I could be wrong and going straight to hell.


  9. jimbo57 says:

    Thou SHALT NOT pay off thy porn star with campaign funds, nor shalt thou lie with thy FRIENDS’ wives without having convinced them of their HUSBANDS’ perfidy by having them listen unto privy conversations. BUT even one who is MARRIED,verily like a BITCH you shall move upon her, yea I say unto you, you SHALL grab her by the pussy….

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    • tengrain says:

      … yea I say unto you, you SHALL grab her by the…

      “…yea I say unto you, you short-fingered vulgarian SHALL grab her by the …”

      Fixed it for ya!



  10. Ten Bears says:

    Can I feed just a few of them to the lions?


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