Activism: The Midterms Cometh

This Tweet from our buddy Shoq on the electrical Twitters felt sort of like a fast punch between the (eye) balls:

I want to urge all of us to check our voter registration status, especially if you live in either a Red or Purple State or (and I hate to say this) or if you have a hispanic surname:

In buying nearly 50 million records from the state with the nation’s second-largest Hispanic population, a researcher for the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity checked a box on two Texas public voter data request forms explicitly asking for the “Hispanic surname flag notation,” to be included in information sent to the voting commission, according to copies of the signed and notarized state forms.

Look, I know that we are months away from the mid-term elections, but the fuckery never stops. You want to do something about DACA? Then make sure you can vote. It will scare the living fuck outta wingnuttia.

Check your status NOW and get yourself ready to fight for your right to vote. Seriously, it might take a while to get all the documentation to re-apply and register, and that’s the Republican’s point. And remember, even Squiggy and Lenny Trump found out too late that they were not able to vote in NY in the 2016 Goat Rodeo.

And I know that long-time readers already know this, but: there is no excuse for not voting, there is no purity in that. No, you are not allowed to sniff that you are voting for the lesser of two evils because by that standard, then you are also voting for the Greater Good.

(And frankly, not voting is the ultimate in White Privilege: the out come might not impact you, but it damn well impacts others. If you don’t do it for yourself, then do it for the people who are gonna be hurt. A good Scissorhead ALWAYS votes.)

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5 Responses to Activism: The Midterms Cometh

  1. Osirisopto says:

    Don’t forget TG’s got an “O” and knows how to use it.


  2. Ten Bears says:

    Reminder for Oregon voters, you’ve got thirty minutes to get it to the box.


  3. donnah says:

    Amen and hallelujah! Voting is your voice. If you don’t use your vote, you lose your voice in how the country is run. Right now, it should be painfully obvious that our voices haven’t been heard.

    Since even one vote matters, imagine what can happen when we all get up and vote. Let’s bury the opposition and get our voices back in the House and Senate and start fixing the damage that’s been done. It’s never too late.


  4. Osirisopto says:

    First watch this…

    Then read this…

    Then read this…

    Now think about voting for the greater good, and think about not voting because the candidates aren’t everything you wish they would be.

    Stand up.
    Speak up.
    Fight back.


  5. Karla says:

    It’s been said by others many times before, but it’s my mantra about voting:
    Vote from your heart in the primary; vote from your head in the general.


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