Womens March

I still have not seen a participation count from Seattle, but this I will tell you:

  • The route to the Seattle Center was shorter this time
  • It took longer than last year to reach the Seattle Center
  • It was raining this year (last year was pleasant and sunny)

…and so I suspect it was a bigger crowd than last year. What was heartening was that the crowd was multi-gender, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational.

Trigger Alert for Xristians: At one point my friends and I peeled off to use the bathroom at the mall. And in the true spirit of Seattle, no one paid attention to the signs indicating the mens’ v womens’ restrooms. Yes, The Skirts got to see the glory that is a mens restroom (and I suppose vice-versa).

I read that 300,000 protesters marched in Chicago in temperatures that would make a penguin shiver.

The protest march in Los Angeles reportedly had over 600,000 participants, which means that the number of protesters in Los Angeles alone was greater than the population of Wyoming.

Now, of course LA, Chicago, and Seattle are never going to be Republican strongholds and Wingnuttia, Neocons, Y’all Qaeda, and The New Confederacy factions are not going to waste time or treasure campaigning there, but to the degree that you can measure enthusiasm, I’m guessing Team Blue has it and Team Red does not.

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