We Don’t Serve Your Kind, Cont.

The Devil Is Gay

Yahoo News:

Two men who ordered programs for their September wedding from a popular printing company but instead received a boxful of anti-gay pamphlets warning, “Satan entices your flesh with evil desires,” have filed a lawsuit claiming breach of contract and emotional pain.

Well, that’s a turd in the punchbowl now, innit?

This isn’t just denying service do to a deeply held religious beliefs, this is an attack. The programs arrived on the day of their wedding, so there was no time for much to correct what happened.

When contacted by Yahoo Lifestyle, Vistaprint spokesperson Sara Nash offered the following response: “Vistaprint would never discriminate against customers for their sexual orientation. We pride ourselves on being a company that celebrates diversity and enables customers all over the world to customize products for their special events. We have just been made aware of this incident in the last few hours. We understand how upsetting it would be for anyone to receive materials such as these the night before their wedding and we have immediately launched an internal investigation. Until we have had the opportunity to complete our investigation, we cannot comment further.”

Vistaprint is part of custom-print company Cimpress, founded in 1996, with manufacturing facilities around the globe and a network of more than 7,000 employees. Its orders are “absolutely guaranteed,” with the website, noting, “We want our customers to be 100 percent happy with their order. If for any reason they are not, we will make it right.”

You know, running a printing press is not exactly a religious bidness, and one could argue (maybe?) that it might be artistic expression. Most of the print vendors I’ve dealt with have no artists on staff. You design it yourself, they print it.

I anticipate the argument that a printer would not print fliers for a KKK rally or to a public lynching (making them an accessory). I don’t think turning away this job would fall into a hate speech defense. And VistaPrint did not turn it away, instead they went for a deliberate evangelical attack.

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6 Responses to We Don’t Serve Your Kind, Cont.

  1. Pupienus Maximus says:

    I doubt the company was involved or even aware of it happening. Rogue employee, sounds like.


    • tengrain says:

      Pup –

      I agree. That said…

      The Rogue Employee is still an employee, and therefore this is still the company’s legal problem to resolve, and the company will suffer whatever PR damage because of this, too.




  2. roket says:

    The only leg Vistaprint has to stand on now is their lack of Diversity Training.


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