Don Lemon

Yeah. What he said.

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  1. Feline Mama says:

    Damn, Don Lemon is so handsome. I forget what I wanted to write..
    Oh yeah, the reason some of the Dumpster’s fans “shine it on” or defend what he sez is because THEY feel exactly the same way. Racism NEVER left this country. It laid low & behind closed doors til this second coming of Hitler came along. Plain & Simple!!!!!!

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  2. JTO says:

    Just over a century ago, my forefathers/mothers left the pre-‘Arctic Socialist Hellscape of Brown Cheese and Waffles’ for the West. Sixty years before that, a Mick left the Emerald Isle for the same place. Both were poor, hungry, dirty, nasty shitholes. That is why they left. And they were shitholes FOR A REASON. All were met with derision by those who had arrived 6 minutes before. (Adrastos). But they did good work, building farms and raising families and sent three generations to college. Now, their progeny have fled for a better life in the East to rejoin their distant cousins.
    Today’s wastelands of lutefisk and fresh whiskey could easily be tomorrow’s models of good government, peace, prosperity and fresh whiskey. Don’t expect perfection in every corner. If there is justice in the world, and I believe it comes, the people who believe other places are shitholes are actively working to make their own homes shitholes.

    Yours, In Solidarity

    From the non-shitthole hellscape of brown cheese and waffles – where the Conservatives are only slighly to the left of the Liberals who are only slightly left of the Socialists. . . but boy can they fight.

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