Let’s Make A Deal (Government Shut Down in 8 Days)

Wingnuttia Takes Itself Hostage

We’re a about a week away from the federal gubmint running out of Ameros and no closer to a deal than they were last month. Tiger Beat gives us the deets:

“Most Democrats have been saying they want a deal to fix DACA to be part of a government-funding package — the government runs out of money eight days from today. But a chorus of Republicans have told us privately that a DACA package cannot be ready by next week — Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said publicly an agreement can be in place, but floor action by next week is tight…

“THAT COULD BE A PROBLEM FOR MANY DEMOCRATS, who say their vote on funding the government is contingent upon a DACA deal moving through Congress. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) have been saying they want a DACA deal since September! Of course, if an agreement is firm, and in place, and is to the liking of many Democrats, maybe they take a leap of faith and vote to fund the government without a DACA deal on the president’s desk.”

Trust the Republicans? Seriously? What could go wrong?

  • All parties disagree over attaching a DACA deal to the budget or some other must-pass bill
  • Clean DACA Bill or Else! versus attempts to attach funds for the border wall to a DACA deal
  • Wingnuttia decides they want The Wall, no exceptions
  • The details of who is legalized and how many people are covered becomes a sticking point
  • The New Confederacy decides they don’t want a deal at all, under any conditions: no amnesty!!1!

And remember, Comrade Stupid says that he wants the Diversity Lottery and Chain Migration ended. The stable genius has been as frenetic as a beagle in a vacuum cleaner factory, so who knows what he really wants except for 15 minutes alone in Fort Knox.

PRESIDENT TRUMP has said the following things: he’d sign any DACA bill that Congress comes up with and he’ll not sign a DACA bill unless it also allows for building a border wall with Mexico.

Axios morning email thingie:

“House Republicans stepped forward … with a [hardline] vision of immigration policy that clashed fiercely with President Trump’s recent overtures of bipartisanship and highlighted how difficult it will be … to reach accord in the coming weeks,” the N.Y. Times writes in its lead story:

  • Why it matters: “[T]he House proposal [more expansive than what Trump has outlined] highlighted the uncertainty surrounding negotiations that are supposed to coalesce before the government runs out of money on Jan. 19.”
  • “Trump’s positions vacillate daily. And members of both parties are divided. Some Democrats are pressing for confrontation, while others seem to fear a political backlash. Some Republicans are searching for compromise against a conservative tide of anti-immigrant fervor.”

I’m getting ready to do a short on a shutdown.

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9 Responses to Let’s Make A Deal (Government Shut Down in 8 Days)

  1. Osirisopto says:

    “who knows what he really wants except for 15 minutes alone with Ivanka.”


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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Pardon my ignorance of political procedures and such, but if the Rethug’s hold the house, the senate, and that big chair, why does it matter what the Democrats want? I understand democracy and stuff wants compromise, but they haven’t seem to have been very compromising so far, why in this budget do they all of a sudden need Democrats?


  3. Condi says:

    I’d normally be all for this, as it just means extra leave for us Feds. However, I can see the president* and Congress deciding after the fact to not pay us as a bloody bone to their rabble…


    • tengrain says:

      Isn’t that always the way, Condi?

      “We in Congress must punish someone when we cannot do our job…”




  4. RayLay says:

    When DT was young he was fascinated with the idea you could see the Great Wall of China from space, and ever since he’s wanted to construct something so big you also could see it from space (The Great Trump Wall). Sorry to tell you Mr. President but all the current wall designs are way too skinny to be seen from space, no matter its length.

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  5. Infidel753 says:

    Wingnuttia decides they want The Wall, no exceptions

    The New Confederacy decides they don’t want a deal at all, under any conditions: no amnesty!!1!

    I think this is going to be it. I regularly read posts and comment threads on Breitbart, where the hardcore Trumpanzees roam and fume, and this is the big issue with them, bigger than Obamacare repeal or anything else. They’re openly saying they’ll turn against Trump in a heartbeat if he allows an amnesty to get through. And the Wall is almost as important. Remember, these people really believe there are millions of DACA people and 50 million illegals. They think an amnesty would mean the end of the United States in any recognizable form.

    Trump really could lose his base over this if he gives in. Whether he grasps that or not, who can say? But if he does, he might dig in harder than he ever has before.

    And if he does let an amnesty happen, wingnuttia will explode in internecine conflict. There won’t be enough popcorn in the world.

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    • tengrain says:

      I keep saying I don’t understand how this concludes without a shut-down.

      I suppose when the checks stop arriving in Possum Hollar, things might change?



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