Shocker: Queen Ann Wants Willard To Run


Rafalca is ready for his moring mount.

Boston Globe:

“As Mitt Romney considers whether to run for an open US Senate seat in Utah, the person who can most influence him is encouraging him to get into the race: his wife, Ann. Ann Romney — a confidante for nearly all of Romney’s adult life and frequent catalyst for his political ambitions — is fully supporting a campaign for Senate, another strong indicator he will run, according to four people close to the Romneys. Her own battle with multiple sclerosis is not a major factor, with all signs indicating that her health remains strong, the people said.”

“One way or the other, Willard,” Queen Ann did not say, “we must rule the serfs with an iron fist. Now then, which of our palaces are we in today?”

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4 Responses to Shocker: Queen Ann Wants Willard To Run

  1. JTO says:

    Per the unwritten rule – once having lost an election, the candidate must retire from public life, after apologizing to everyone alive, dead and unimagined for the defeat. Including 16 hours of taped interviews on each broadcast and cable news show restating said apology. Then suicide over a plastic sheet and an envelope containing 1 (one) an apologetic note, 1 (one) fealty oath to the winner and 352.73 USD cash for clean-up, cremation and disposal in an unmarked grave in a dog park in Nettles, Nevada. That is just the way it is done, has always been done and will forever be done. Except for the Sainted Reagan.

    In Solidarity,
    From the Arctic Socialist Hellhole of Brown Cheese and Waffles.

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  2. roket says:

    Hope they didn’t forget their dog when they moved back to Utah.


  3. moeman says:

    She wants the staff to iron Mitt’s undergarments.


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