And Now, A PSA From Fox News

snot and ice

I totally could be a chyron operator.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead DCap)

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12 Responses to And Now, A PSA From Fox News

  1. Ellis Weiner says:

    Is that what they mean by bombogenesis?


  2. Retiredeng says:

    Driving tips for morons. It’s their audience after all.


  3. ming says:

    Tip number 5 doesn’t seem like very good advice to me. I would suggest trying not to be such an aggressive menace while driving in four-wheel-drive.


    • Retiredeng says:

      The SUV drivers are the most dangerous in ice and snow. They mostly have no idea how dangerous. More than once I observed one of them spin around in circles on ice. Four wheel drive does you no good on ice. I suppose that having that happen once will put the proper fear in them but some people are friggin’ stupid.


      • ming says:

        Well, as a mountain dweller in a place with more winter than summer, I can tell you that 4WD will help keep you out of trouble on icy roads as long as your foot is on the gas or you’re going uphill. Take your foot off or go downhill and you slide around like everyone else. Trick is to be calm, engage your brain, and not take dumb chances. This seems to be a difficult concept for my truck-driving brethren (and they’re always guys). The studded snow tires that stay on my vehicle six months a year don’t hurt either. Sure wish the east cost would send some of their winter our way. The snow pack is pretty still pretty up here at the top of the watershed. We would welcome it.


      • ming says:

        Oops. I meant to say still pretty thin – guess I can blame auto correct for this one.


      • ming says:

        Can’t damn it. I give up.


    • Osirisopto says:

      I always enjoyed seeing the guys who just got their 4WD go flying down the highway in the snow.

      I especially liked watching them take the next curve.

      It was almost as much fun as watching them take it off road for the first, and last time.


      • ming says:

        I suppose it make me a bad person to enjoy the instant karma. I always stop to make sure they’re ok, but I’m not going to spend time pulling a bonehead out of snow bank on a powder morning.


  4. Skinny Dennis says:

    Yeah, #5, I’m going to park my Subaru at any hint of snot – I mean snow. Sheesh.


  5. another kiwi says:

    Always have a clean handkerchief when driving in snot.

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