Seething Rage.
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Look, everyone in Congress knows that Hair Führer is a menace. This post in The Atlantic tells us about the real scandal of Open Secrets: (emphasis mine)

But what Wolff is describing is an open secret…

Who is also in on this open secret? Virtually everyone in a position to do something about it, which at the moment means members of the Republican majority in Congress.

They know what is wrong with Donald Trump. They know why it’s dangerous. They understand—or most of them do—the damage he can do to a system of governance that relies to a surprising degree on norms rather than rules, and whose vulnerability has been newly exposed. They know—or should—about the ways Trump’s vanity and avarice are harming American interests relative to competitors like Russia and China, and partners and allies in North America, Europe, and the Pacific.

They know. They could do something: hearings, investigations, demands for financial or health documents, subpoenas. Even the tool they used against the 42nd president, for failings one percent as grave as those of the 45th: impeachment.

They know. They could act. And they don’t. The failure of responsibility starts with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, but it doesn’t end with them. Every member of a bloc-voting majority shares responsibility for not acting on their version of the open secret. “Independent” Republicans like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski share it. “Thoughtful” ones, like Ben Sasse and Jeff Flake. Those (in addition to Flake) who have nothing to lose electorally, from Bob Corker to Orrin Hatch. When they vote as a majority against strong investigations, against subpoenas, against requirements for financial disclosure, and most of all against protecting Robert Mueller and his investigation, they share complicity in the open secret.


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4 Responses to BURN THE LIFE BOATS, Cont.

  1. ming says:



  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    It adds credence to the theory that tRumpf has hacked/stolen emails, provided to him from the Russians, on those who should be controlling him.


  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Most of the Republicans in congress have been saying for decades now that their goal is to weaken the American government to the point where it can be easily destroyed. “So you can drown it in a bathtub” is the term they usually prefer. So Trump is just doing what these traitors have been promising all along.

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  4. A.J. says:

    Terrific writing by a terrific writer, James Fallows.

    And it pairs nicely with what Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch of Fusion GPS wrote in the NY Times about their behind closed doors testimony to congressional Republicans. Those same congressional Republicans and the Reich-Wing Noise and Rage Machine that supports their treason, that went and publicly slandered them.

    They testified about Christopher Steele, about Trump’s ties to Russian money laundering, about Congress ignoring subpoenaing Deutschbank records, about Manafort and the Russian mob – and about the Republican controlled houses of Congress that have refused to release their testimony. Then they shot the messenger.

    The Republican Party is actively covering up Trump’s collusion with the Russians and corruption. They are putting politics, party, and self-interest before country. Again. Simpson and Fritsch are demanding that Congress release their testimony to the public.


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