Updated: ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the White House’ – Holy Cow!

Would you buy a used car from these men?

Sweet Jeebus, BuzzFeed got an early copy of the book too, and they are posting a lot of Greatest Hits.

Read it, discuss amongst yourselves.

We’ll have more later. I’m still reading.

UPDATE 1: This denial is priceless:

Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my Presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. Steve was a staffer who worked for me after I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party.

Now that he is on his own, Steve is learning that winning isn’t as easy as I make it look. Steve had very little to do with our historic victory, which was delivered by the forgotten men and women of this country. Yet Steve had everything to do with the loss of a Senate seat in Alabama held for more than thirty years by Republicans. Steve doesn’t represent my base—he’s only in it for himself.

Steve pretends to be at war with the media, which he calls the opposition party, yet he spent his time at the White House leaking false information to the media to make himself seem far more important than he was. It is the only thing he does well. Steve was rarely in a one-on-one meeting with me and only pretends to have had influence to fool a few people with no access and no clue, whom he helped write phony books.

We have many great Republican members of Congress and candidates who are very supportive of the Make America Great Again agenda. Like me, they love the United States of America and are helping to finally take our country back and build it up, rather than simply seeking to burn it all down.

Shorter Comrade Trump: “Bannon? You bet I banned ’em.”

UPDATE 2: Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders spins like she’s never spun before:

(Fashion week, continues…)

UPDATE 3: Squiggy the Traitor Tweets!

UPDATE 4: The Mooch attacks (cough *sucks his own dick* cough)

UPDATE 5: Axios reports

1 big thing: Everybody thought Trump would lose the election, from Kellyanne Conway, who was interviewing for television gigs with networks in the campaign’s last days, to Trump himself, who boasted about starting his own network, had an exit strategy. Trump thought that he would emerge from the campaign with “a far more powerful brand and untold opportunities,” such as his own Trump Network. “This is bigger than I ever dreamed of,” Trump reportedly told former Fox News head Roger Ailes a week before the election. “I don’t think about losing, because it isn’t losing. We’ve totally won.”

UPDATE 6: Washington Monthly has a (smart) HOT Take on Comrade Stupid’s denial (UPDATE 1):

1. that Bannon “had blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his wherever.”
2. that Bannon was “bleeding badly from a face-lift.”
3. that Bannon was wrong when he said the chance that “Don. Jr did not walk [the Russians he met with in Trump Tower] up to his father’s office on the 26th floor is zero.”
4. that Bannon was wrong when he said that the campaign should have called the FBI rather than hold a meeting with Kremlin-connected Russians peddling illegally obtained dirt on Hillary Clinton.
5. that Bannon was wrong when he said that holding the meeting was “treasonous.”
6. that Bannon was wrong when he said that holding the meeting was “unpatriotic.”
7. that Bannon was wrong when he said that holding the meeting was “bad shit.”
8. that Bannon was wrong when he mocked the “brain trust” that decided to meet with the Russians with no lawyers present.
9. that Bannon was a “coffee boy.”

UPDATE 7: US News and World Reports – “Trump Strikes Back, Hits Himself”

“Trump turning so dramatically and flamboyantly on Bannon adds an exclamation point to the lie that he would hire “the best people.” His first national security adviser, Mike Flynn, recently pleaded guilty for lying to the FBI; Bannon’s “co-equal” exited the White House weeks before him; there was frequent flyer Tom Price; and let’s not forget Anthony Scaramucci, who arguably held the record for worst decisions in an on-the-record interview – until Bannon sat down with Wolff; Omarosa Manigault Newman, who was reportedly physically removed from the premises. The list goes on and promises to grow as competent staff reach the one-year mark and bail.”

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11 Responses to Updated: ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the White House’ – Holy Cow!

  1. roket says:

    So much winning.

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  2. Nora Daly says:

    “…Steve doesn’t represent my base—he’s only in it for himself….” This, Drumpf, is called projection to azz!

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  3. Osirisopto says:

    The Possum Queen’s wardrobe consultant hates her guts.


    • tengrain says:

      Or at least wanted her guts to look like a refrigerator box.



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    • MDavis says:

      I suspect she picks her own wardrobe. The only question left, for me, is this: when she picks a scarf out to go with her outfit, does she look for really big napkins to go with the tablecloth, or does she check out pillow shams, to go with the upholstery?

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    Three am phone call:

    Drumpf uck: Steve, let’s get in a big public fight, distract the rubes.

    Bannon: OK boss.


  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Now you say, oh, Stevie-O, yeah; you know, I used to have a scene with him.


  6. Condi says:

    Sweet Jebus: Elmira Gantry mediating a 13-year old girl fight, that’s what this ‘presidency’ has devolved to.

    Can it get any lower?

    (p.s. – trick question.)


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