This is also nuts

Wintour is editor-in-chief of Vogue, not Vanity Fair, so as usual Comrade Stupid is just making shit up. I loathe defending Anna Wintour, but this is just slander. Vanity Fair has since apologized, but they have not pulled-down the video.

Now, one would think that Comrade Stupid would be delighted with Vanity Fair for attacking his enemy, but that’s not the way he rolls. He saw an opportunity to slap the media and took it; and if in the process he could slap one of Ivanka’s detractors (Wintour), gee, all the better.

If you have not been playing along at home, Vanity Fair editors offered Hillary Clinton ideas for a New Years resolution that would prohibit her from running for president again. Vanity Fair thought it was funny/clever but it was condescending and sexist in the worst possible ways and was widely condemned (and in the best tradition of the Left, demands were all over Twitter that everyone involved must be fired.)

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4 Responses to This is also nuts

  1. Buttemilk Sky says:

    Trumpelthinskin has hated VF since its editor, Graydon Carter, proclaimed him a “short-fingered vulgarian” thirty years ago (he still doesn’t know short-fingered means “cheap,” hence the obsession with hand size). Last December it carried a review of the disgusting food at the “Trump Grille” and he predicted it would soon fold. Instead, the subscriber base doubled overnight. So this latest squeal should be good for Vanity Fair. The dotard just can’t help himself.


  2. nonnie9999 says:

    I wouldn’t categorize what VF said as an apology (unless I miss a new one). It was one of those non-apology apologies that is more damage control rather than a real apology. I think all 6 of the idiots who made the video should quit and take up knitting.

    As for Twitler, he’s a fucking idiot (nothing new), and I dearly hope that Melanoma, the daughter/wife, and poor forgotten Tiffany are banned from Fashion Week.


  3. another kiwi says:

    It is not as if I have a great deal of respect for public figures, since I largely find them mendacious poltroons of negotiable virtue. BUT Tr0mp takes the cake, enchilada and wooden spoons.
    There is a legend that Charles II of Merrie England fame had a duelling pistol made that was engineered so that the bullet came out backwards and shot the holder. Who’s going to deny that the king is a great shooter, right? I think Tr0mp has this in twitter form, every slavo of his, bends around and boots him up the backside.
    What a putz.


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