Follow the Money, er, the Cabinet!

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Tiger Beat on the Potomac tells us that it is not just Trump hiding in his Merde-a-Go-Go spidy hole (see post below), but much of his entire cabinet has been hiding from the media:

The Cabinet members carrying out President Donald Trump’s orders to shake up the federal government are doing so under an unusual layer of secrecy — often shielding their schedules from public view, keeping their travels under wraps and refusing to identify the people and groups they’re meeting.

A POLITICO review of the practices of 17 Cabinet heads found that at least seven routinely decline to release information on their planned schedules or travels — information that was more widely available during the Obama and George W. Bush administrations. Four other departments — Agriculture, Labor, Homeland Security and Education — provide the secretaries’ schedules only sporadically or with few details. The Treasury Department began releasing weekly schedules for Secretary Steven Mnuchin only in November.

In addition, at least seven Cabinet departments don’t release appointment calendars that would show, after the fact, who their leaders had met with, what they discussed and where they traveled — a potential violation of the Freedom of Information Act, which says agencies must make their records “promptly available to any person.” At least two departments — Education and the Environmental Protection Agency — have released some of those details after activist groups sued them.

And as is our want wont*, we now turn to spokes-flack extraordinaire, Hogan Gidley, to clear it all up for us:

“The White House does not issue guidance specifically addressing the daily schedules of Cabinet agency heads,” Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said in a statement. On the other hand, he added, “The White House expects federal agencies to comply with FOIA requests.”

As it may seem obvious to us after Blam-Blam divvied up the Middle East prior to invading Iraq, knowing with who the bastards are actually meeting is kinda important.

The article goes deep into tracking down renowned paranoiac, fossil fuel fetishist EPA Director Scott Pruitt’s calendar (after the fact), and of course he is meeting with and glad-handing everyone who has an oil well, or chemical plant, or anything else that could kill us in our sleep. And given all the extraction industries various venues for addressing, it’s probably the case that there is some money exchanging hands. I hope Tiger Beat looks into that, too, also.

I have not finished it, but it looks like TBotP goes into details of the other cabinet heads.

*Our regrets for the typo. Hat tip: @NamelessCynic on the Twitters caught the error.

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    Where have all the Transparency in Gummit conservatives gone?

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