Activism: Saving Ourselves

I’ve been thinking about all the events of the past year and can’t believe we’ve gone through them all, with more to come.

I want to remind everyone of the single most important thing I’ve learned and have said since the election of the Russian Puppet.

We are the backbone of the Democratic party.

Please remember that whenever you hear anyone say the D’s in the Senate or Congress have no spine. If that is the case then it is because we are not doing our job.Our politicians cannot stand without us propping them up every single minute of every single day.

We are their support, we are their courage, we are their commitment, and  most importantly we are their principles.


Keep your eyes open. Keep your Senators and Congressperson, whether a D or an R on your speed dial. Make those calls, make you voice heard.

Phone Calls Work!

I have too many demands upon my time and energy in 3d space and I don’t see them letting up any time soon. I won’t be posting much activism for a time unless it’s a dire circumstance, but I’ll still be around.

Fight back.



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2 Responses to Activism: Saving Ourselves

  1. MDavis says:

    Thank you for everything you have done here, thus far. My appreciation is huge.


    • Osirisopto says:

      Thanks MDavis, but it’s a team effort.

      We all have to make the most of our natural talents.

      Mine being a pain in the ass, this is a good outlet. 😛


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