FCC Played Everyone For Suckas

Hey Scissorheads, you remember this guy, right? The one who killed Net Neutrality, Ajit Pai?

Seems he was lying and he knew it.

But internal FCC documents obtained by Motherboard using a Freedom of Information Act request show that the independent, nonpartisan FCC Office of Inspector General—acting on orders from Congressional Republicans—investigated the claim that Obama interfered with the FCC’s net neutrality process and found it was nonsense. This Republican narrative of net neutrality as an Obama-led takeover of the internet, then, was wholly refuted by an independent investigation and its findings were not made public prior to Thursday’s vote.

So, you know, when he told us about how the IP companies are gonna invest in hi-speed access? Yeah, suckas! Read No More Mr. Niceblog for a summary of how many of the cable companies are firing workers. Even as they are giving MAGA tax cut Bonuses to a few to curry favor with Comrade Stupid.

Doesn’t sound like they are reinvesting anything.

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2 Responses to FCC Played Everyone For Suckas

  1. Jim says:

    Pai is a former Verizon employee. Nobody but the dumbest of the rubes ever believed that he wasn’t dutifully doing the bidding of the cable companies and internet providers and the the GOP.

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