On the Bright Side…

Dump Trump (ITMFA!)

I don’t think that it is too much of an exaggeration to say that Congressional Republicans no longer need dotard Comrade Preznint Stupid now that he has signed their Billions for Billionaires bill into law.

My instinct is now that they’ve given their donors the ROI they wanted and having looked at the demographics and poll numbers coming to bury them in 2018 and beyond, they will stop putting up with Hair Führer’s antics. Trump seems to feel that cutting taxes will give him the momentum to move onto other great things. I think he’s wrong.

The tax cuts were his only leverage, and now it’s gone. He might think he gets to start pushing his wall or some other hairbrained thing, but I think he’s going to see them no longer paying attention, or perhaps cutting him loose. His calls will not be answered, let alone returned.

Anyway, I think that they don’t need him anymore, and more importantly, I don’t think they want him anymore: he’s bad box office.

“You don’t pay a prostitute for sex, you pay her to leave afterwards.”

–Dashiell Hammett

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12 Responses to On the Bright Side…

  1. If the Granny Starver wants to ax Social Security and Medicare next year because ‘deficits hoocoodaknowed!’ they’ll need Hair Führer to distract the mobs. Also since any landslide won’t take office until January 2019, they are going to fuck that lame duck right ’till the end, and they may need him for that.


  2. Ellis Weiner says:

    I’ve been saying that for a while now. Why keep him? He’s a nightmare. And Pence will sign anything else they want to send along, assuming most of them don’t “retire” next year.


  3. Osirisopto says:

    I hope you’re right. I feel they’ll find another use for this particular idiot.


  4. TheMatch says:

    They may or may not need Hair Führer, but they damn sure need his Trumpenproletariat brown shirt shock troops. They will do everything they can to keep his violent followers riled up and ready to pounce.


  5. sleeve98 says:

    Steve M. makes an interesting point, predicting that the smash-n-grab vandals in the Congress won’t pitch Drumpf overboard unless, or until, next November is a “blood bath,” pointing out that President Pence could serve the same purposes, and that they’re all still afraid of The Base.


    We’re familiar with the methodology of McConnell’s political calculus (see Garland, Merrick), as well as Ryan’s Pontius Pilate pantomime, so this strikes me as making some sense, since, on balance, I’d weight skittishness about the rubes to be the heavier consideration.

    But FoxNews remains the wild card – reality does not penetrate the right wing bubble membrane, and (“Mmm. Good chowdah.”*) I’d lay quatloos that the body of evidence that results from Mueller’s Game leaves them, and Breitbart, sore and exhorting said rubes to real violence. With no credibility and no way to Republisplain what’s happening to their god of infantile spite, they’ll have no choice but to crank the bile – and you know very well how profoundly (Easily? Yes.) the useful idiots are influenced by their media fetish.

    * “John F. Kennedy” – “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!,” 1966


  6. Redhand says:

    I think some of them actively want to keep him. Devin Nunes is leading a cabal of Repubs using the House investigation to undermine the Mueller Investigation of Trump.

    This fucker, who was supposed to have recused himself, is back at it full time. And of course Ryan is ignoring the whole thing, so there’s no check at all, natch.

    I figure Nunes is not just a “good soldier,” but really has something to hide himself.


  7. Infidel753 says:

    I don’t understand why they supposedly needed Trump for the tax bill. If Pence were President he would have signed it too. It’s not like that’s a purpose Trump and Trump alone could have served.


    • tengrain says:

      But that’s not the point, Infidel. Yes, anyone of their own would do, but the one that they had was Comrade Stupid who has been embarrassing them.

      Now that they have their only requirement (to feather-nest their donors), they don’t much care.

      I’m already noticing that they are not even saying his name in their self-congratulation speeches to the press. From this morning’s Axios email thingie:

      “Shot … From the Wall Street Journal’s tick-tock: “Early Wednesday, after [the] Senate vote, … Republicans piled into a 1 a.m. press conference to congratulate themselves … Ten senators spoke for a total of nine minutes. Two words that weren’t used: ‘President’ and ‘Trump.'”




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  9. I am a bit surprised that the Historic Tax Credit program (set up during Reagan, of all things!) survived the Frankensteining of the ScamBill – it was axed in the first Senate version. I recognize it’s a bit self-serving, what with a current Historic Tax Credit project on my card, but it’s an actual tax credit program that works pretty well. It not only inspires preservation and use of older buildings, but generally it returns about a buck-sixty in economic activity for each dollar it represents, but it generally helps to spur re-investment in struggling neighborhoods and small communities, often making for a revitalization of these areas, which spins off into further economic activity and increases the tax base. Currently, Wisconsin offers a 20% credit, and the Feds offer a 20% credit, for a total of 40% of construction cost, which is huge. The project I’m working on is currently estimated as a 7 million dollar project, which should yield nearly 3 million in tax credits for the developer, which makes my zombie invoices MUCH easier to pay. Not, of course, to minimize the horrors of the rest of the tax bill….


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