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Separated at Birth?

Smarmy Ayatollah Ted Cruz tells smarmy book peddler  Todd Starnes (emphasis mine):

“There is also a part of this tax bill, the most significant federal school choice legislation that has ever passed, and that is an amendment that I introduced that takes existing college 529 savings plans, 529 savings plans as you know are immensely popular. Right now they allow parents and grandparents to save in a tax advantage savings fund for college expenses, and millions of parents and grandparents all over the country use 529s right now.

“The amendment I introduced expands 529 savings plans, so in addition to using them for college now you can use them as well for K-12 education. You can use them for public school, for private school, for parochial school, for religious school. It’s up to the parents, up to $10,000 per year per child and that passed into law, it actually passed the senate 50/50 evenly divided with the democrats all opposing it, and the Vice President cast the tie breaking vote.

“That provision all stayed in the bill and is getting ready to become federal law effective January 1. As you noted Todd, unfortunately one component of that amendment the democrats managed to strike late last night which is, I had a component in there that specifically applies to homeschoolers, that allowed homeschoolers to deduct the cost of homeschooling their kids. There are about 1.8 million homeschoolers in America, and growing.

“But the democrats hate homeschoolers. They hate that anyone gets out of centralized control, and so they filed an objection on procedural grounds and managed to get homeschoolers excluded.

“I think it was discriminatory, I think it was wrong, but homeschoolers unfortunately the democrats cut out of the legislation. So for 50 million school kids across the country, the provision allowing parents to save for public or private or religious or parochial schools, that’s in there. But homeschoolers unfortunately the democrats succeeded in pulling them out, and that’s frustrating and maddening, but nonetheless a big victory for kids across the country.”

Twenty-five pounds of bullshit in a five-pound sack.

“The House passed the tax bill with those changes earlier on Tuesday. Later in the day, however, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that allowing 529 savings to be spent on home schooling violated Senate rules for the bill, the Associated Press reported. The Senate therefore passed the bill Tuesday without the tax-advantaged savings for home schooling costs paid for out of 529 plans , following a push by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who first highlighted the problem with the homeschooling provision.”

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  1. NO parents of my acquaintance can afford to drop $1000 into such an account, much less $10000! Senator Cruz still looks ever moreso like the kid that got beat up daily in high school.


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