It Was A Dark and Stupid Night…

K-Street Lobbyists arrive.

The Senate cleared the tax bill, 51-48, after midnight, and the Billions for Billionaires bill returns to the House for a final vote, after a procedural hiccup (The Byrd Rule)  forced last-minute changes to the legislation.

That’s because of an arcane Senate procedure known as a “Byrd Bath,” where legislation undergoes a review to make sure it complies with the so-called Byrd rule.

As a result of the Parliamentarian’s ruling, the Senate had to strip out extraneous crap. Now the House will have to vote on the bill again. The re-vote will take place this morning, with the result that the bill should be on the Preznint Comrade Stupid’s desk sometime this afternoon for his scribble.

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  1. TheMatch says:

    I prefer to call it the FRAA: the Financial Rape of America Act


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