Bad Christmas Presents, Cont.

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Yes, now you CAN give your spoiled brats charcoal in their stockings and make them eat it, too! Tastes like charcoal (and cinnamon), and bitter, bitter tears.

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  1. MDavis says:

    Oh, of course! It’s from Archie McPhee. If you haven’t visited their store yet, make time and try it, just for the weird. It’s the only place I have sampled ‘astronaut ice cream’ – and also freeze died bugs. They were marketing themselves as the home of *premium* rubber chickens at the time.


    • purplehead says:

      One time I went to Archie McPhee’s just to buy a whoopie cushion. After perusing the store unsuccessfully, I went up to the counter and asked the saleswoman. She looked at me with a haughty gaze and matter-of-factly said, “We don’t sell things like that here.” ??? What th’??¿ So the next time I was at Pike Place Market I went to the joke store on the lower level. Not only did they have whoopie cushions, they had cans of smell to go with it! Now that was service.


      • MDavis says:

        Oh, man! I hope that person was canned! Of course, it’s been a while since I was last at Archie McPhee’s, and I mean you can measure it in decades, so I could have been seduced by the Martian Popping things (used em to decorate for Christmas one year; I am now banned from decorating for Christmas) and the Ickus, Krum and Oblina dolls.


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Archie McPhee’s is awesome, they have those boxing nun puppets.


  3. Torontonian says:

    Charcoal flavoured ice cream is popular among some of us
    here in Toronto. Go to and search charcoal.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    A package of those candy canes should go to Mar-a-Lago.


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