News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

The only review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi white guys will ever need.

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4 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. roket says:

    He makes me want to believe in the rapture.

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  2. Jim says:

    Fucking useless Brits.


    • Jim says:

      I actually misposted. I spent most of the 1980s overseas and a lot of it in Britain doing post-graduate work. This was the Margaret Thatcher era who was the Trump of her period except that she was well-educated and informed but just as disruptive in a “conservative” way whereas, as we know, Trump is an ignorant, dangerous clown. But the effect was similar in appointing radicals to her cabinet that did a lot destructive things.


  3. paul fredine says:

    is it just a coincidence that his head looks like a penis?


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