Bad Christmas Presents, Cont.

A) I don’t think that this is really what your girlfriend meant and 2) her cat looks like it wants to kill you.

(Take a bow in the comments, whoever sent this…)

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5 Responses to Bad Christmas Presents, Cont.

  1. M. Bouffant says:

    Obviously intended for the furry market.


  2. ming says:

    Pretty sure my cat doesn’t want any part of that.


  3. E.A. Blair says:

    My older cat is a licker. It’s really annoying when she starts licking me when I’m trying to fall asleep.


  4. C Montgomery Burns says:

    In tRumpfs America, cat licks you.


  5. Retiredeng says:

    A number of years ago our son brought his new girlfriend over to meet us. At the time we had a black cat named “Boo”. So, as Boo was wont to do, planted himself on the sofa next to the girlfriend and promptly began licking his butt. My other half (ever the straight faced joker) dryly mentioned to her that he taught the cat to do that.


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