The United States of Amnesia

Screw-you, cha-cha-cha

Our post’s title is an old Saint Gore Vidal line (Blessed be his soul!), but it seems appropriate considering the Politico/Morning Consult poll on the women who are accusing Comrade Stupid of sexual assault:

  • 50% of registered voters believe Comrade Stupid’s accusers.
  • 29% don’t believe the women
  • 21% can sing the alphabet song only to the letter “G.”

Considering that Comrade Stupid admitted sexual assault on tape WITH WITNESSES, and it was shown on the electric teevee machine so even Possum Hollar could follow the bounder with his locker room talk.  Thanks, BS Barbie.

Who you gonna believe, a boatload of credible women and your own eyes, or a serial adulterer and pathological liar?

The poll showed that Republicans believe Comrade Preznint and Democrats do not. Shocking, non?




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3 Responses to The United States of Amnesia

  1. sleeve98 says:

    The programming runs deep; NOTHING matters. The only thing to be done is to overwhelm them with numbers (things may look good right now, what with Alabama and all, but it’s still a problem).

    And Amato was just harranguing on Limbaugh – in the same day we see both cause and effect.


  2. Osirisopto says:

    “Comrade Stupid admitted sexual assault” – Feature, not a bug.

    They all – ALL – dream of doing what he does, did, will do.



  3. sleeve98 says:

    In today’s WaPo (

    “…There’s a growing concern that aligning with people such as Moore and President Trump has hurt evangelicalism in the public eye. But others connected to the movement say evangelicals, particularly white evangelicals, had a perception problem long before Trump and Moore became the faces of the community’s politics…”

    This is called a lack of self-awareness. You see, it’s not what evangelicals do or say or whom they support that’s the problem – it’s how they’re *seen* because of it.

    Totally unfair. Not deserved at all. Just a big misunderstanding, dontcha know.

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