Bad Christmas Presents, Cont.

Our unindicted co-conspirator and fellow Scissorhead TexBetsy wants us to know that she has the perfect gift for your Facebook Rage Uncle:


Pro-tip: don’t put out any peanuts.

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8 Responses to Bad Christmas Presents, Cont.

  1. M. Bouffant says:

    Both sides do it: Eldridge de Paris pants.

    (Are there no new ideas?)


  2. if the ears are flappin’, don’t be fappin’.

    No, I don’t know what it means either….


  3. An ELEPHANT? Clearly another Republican scheme to harass women!


  4. Kent Fossgreen says:

    Why be the figurative elephant in the room when you could be a literal one, I guess…


  5. Feline Mama says:

    Nothing says you care so much as a cozy for your peener.


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