‘Forget about it Jake, It’s Alabama’

It’s not the size of the gun…

Alabama law requires all ballots to be kept for six months after an election, and a newly filed law suit argues that digital ballots are included in that legislation.

Scissorhead GRS points out that Judge Roman Ashley Shaul granted an emergency injunction ordering Secretary of State John Merrill (R) and State Administrator of Elections Ed Packard (D) to keep everything for at least six months.

However, Scissorhead Osirisopto points out that the Alabama Supreme Court (of which (ALLEGED) kiddie-diddler Roy Moore used to be a member) has blocked the earlier ruling:

“The only Defendants to this case—Secretary of State John Merrill and a member of his staff—do not have authority to make changes to voting machines or to require local officials to do so,” the state’s brief said. “It [Monday’s earlier court order] purports to order Counties, which are not parties, to take action that the Secretary believes is impossible to complete before the election and which will disrupt the election. The order will cause confusion among local election officials who are not party to this suit and who will be unsure of their obligations.”

Given the dynamics of today’s election in Alabama, everyone should be worried about fuckery. The AL.com article (linked above) tells us,

“The Department of Homeland Security notified our Secretary of State here that Alabama is one of the 21 states that had been targeting for hacking of election systems,” she said, referring to this year’s special election for Georgia’s 6th congressional district.

…so there could even be, ahem, outside fuckery most heinous. But here’s what we can bet on: if the vote is anything less than a landslide for either candidate, there will be a recount, and without an electronic record this thing will become a masterclass in ratfucking.

UPDATE 1: Why this matters. Republicans need to pass the tax bill before the new senator gets seated, sometime after Dec. 20. Stay tuned.

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