My Spidy Senses Are Tingling, And Not In A Good Way

It’s not the size of the gun…

All during the kiddie-diddling campaign of Roy Moore (ALLEGED), the polls have been consistently indicating a comfortable win or at worst a narrow victory. The local polls have all been strange because the local polling companies have no track record and their methodologies are (ALLEGED) to be non-scientific and not peer-reviewed.

So imagine my surprise to see that Fox News last poll is showing a blow-out election. For Doug Jones, and Imma call bullshit. I think Fox is playing one of their psy-op games that will 1) discourage the Left from voting (“why bother, it’s a blowout!”) and B) will ensure that Y’all Qaeda and the New Confederacy beat down the door of the polling station. And who knows, maybe they are ginning up all the mouth breathers to turn on Pravda Fox set to watch their coverage.

Here’s the thing and why I thing this is bullshit (in addition to my sterling analysis above): Comrade Stupid won the state by double digits in the 2016 Goat Rodeo. Alabama has a lot more registered Republicans than Democrats (52% to 35%), and we all know that Dims don’t vote in off year elections, let alone off-year special elections. Additionally, Alabama has assorted voter ID laws and other measures of suppressing the vote, by which I mean to state bluntly the non-white vote.

Anyway, I want to be wrong, I hope that I am wrong, but I think this Fox Poll is trolling everyone.


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6 Responses to My Spidy Senses Are Tingling, And Not In A Good Way

  1. Karla says:

    I would agree.
    I also think that if the polls are good ones, there may be a lot of underreporting on the part of the fetus fondlers, being a little embarrassed to say that they’re voting for a child molester. But in the privacy of the booth, they’re going to … pull the lever? … fill in the circle for Moore.
    And I would LOOOOVE to be wrong.


  2. c u n d gulad says:

    FOX is just trying to get their bigoted voters to show-up by scarin’ ’em!


  3. Jim says:

    You’re correct. Bu Roy has underperformed in past elections and, if Democratic turnout is mobilized, it could make for an eked out victory but I am doubtful. Who knows?


  4. Osirisopto says:


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