Moore or Less, Cont.

It’s not the size of the gun…

This flickered across my twitter feed last night…

…and the dogs all started howling. One lone spitballer replied:

There’s a lot of not impactful amendments that Scharfstein left out, like having the inauguration in January (used to be in March), and Prohibition and Repeal, of course. Methinks what he was really getting at is that women and/or people of color should not vote. And, you know, kinda enthusiastic about slavery?

He does know that he takes an oath to defend the Constitution, right? and that includes the Amendments. But of course, he does say that the 10 Commandments should take precedence over the Constitution (which in effect would be Xristian Sharia), so he’s kinda unfit for office no matter what.

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5 Responses to Moore or Less, Cont.

  1. Sam240 says:

    I’m also noticing

    #15 – Right to vote no longer limited to whites
    #16 – Income Tax (Abolishing this also eliminates payroll taxes, hence social security and medicare)
    #17 – People get to vote for Senators (State Legislatures would give GOP 2/3 majority)
    #23 – DC gets 3 electoral votes
    #24 – Poll tax prohibited
    #26 – People 18-20 can vote

    I think number sixteen’s a really, really big one for Republicans.


  2. w3ski4me says:

    Never trust a ‘big man’ with a “little gun”.

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  3. Feline Mama says:

    So, a person still HAS to take the “Oath of Office” with hand on that there bible book about defendin’ the Constitution & all that? Like Prez Stoopid did. Sheriff Nasty gonna do it again?? Ah, it would seem somewhere a long the line “gawd” would be pissed & ANGRY, but, we still haven’t had this Armageddon thing yet. I’m confused.


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