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  1. My comment is contrary, but bear with me. Maybe women Senate Democrats lead off a salvo of calls for resignation for a reason. I have read comments that likened what happened to killing a wounded soldier. Nope. This was just sending a wounded soldier home. Franken isn’t dead. He still has a voice. But he wasn’t going to still be effective on the battlefield. We still get a Democrat in his place. We aren’t dead yet. And maybe some part of the shaming of Franken’s name was rodent carnality, but there is no way to unshit a bed. Tweeden was one thing. Dupuy is another.

    My problem with the narrative of “once again the Democratic party folds under RW criticism” is that this isn’t even about Republicans. It isn’t. It’s about whether we are sincere in how we see our values. The standards of a culture aren’t “in theory”, they are what we do in practice. RW asshats have proven they don’t give a shit about sexual harassment–it’s just a cudgel they find convenient for now. But I say–let’s seriously be about it if we really are progressives. Leadership means taking the opportunity to create change, and that’s what I want my leaders to do. My retail workers and waitresses and housekeepers and nurses out here are fucking putting up with bullshit on the daily, and you want me to give a shit about one great man who was supposed to make it better?

    He, like all these fine female workers were always told they were, is replaceable! Screw him for fucking it up so that he could not effectively represent us. He can’t make anything better now. And let me fumigate the idea that “taking it to the streets” does shit. You only impact people who think you might vote for them. You can march the streets of Janesville until your feet fall off, and not ever convince Paul Ryan of shit, you can only vote his ass out. And any person who wants to try “I am so sick of Democrats I won’t vote for them”–what are you going to do: write in your choice? Because we got “sort of Democrat”, GOP Satan’s helper, and fuck all else to choose from most places. Math rules. Vote Democrat. Your tired feet will thank you maybe more than sixty percent of the time. And you work on the last bit with activism. You do not stop trying to vote strategically.

    I think all Scissorheads are fine upstanding, decent well-intentioned not f’d in the head people. The GOP wants us to be just as hypocritical as them. They want us to sacrifice principle for political expediency. Newt Gingrich

    revealingly said as much. I’ll just be anti-harassment and think about the two-digit number of congress critters under investigation for maybe sexual harassment, and wager it’s mostly GOP. But I know how I will vote. And what activism matters to me. And supporting harassment and rape culture tropes for any reason is not my thing.

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    • But Steve M. has the bottom line right– we have to fight to make our adoption of the high ground recognized. I think there are enough knuckle-dragging brainwashed Fox News poisoned souls out there that make it difficult, but if we commit, we need to be there for every battle.


    • Osirisopto says:

      Taking the high ground is my preferred course. It would give D’s the additional advantage of the clear moral leaders we should have always been.

      The DLC will not adopt that position. The DLC hasn’t taken a strong position on anything liberal or progressive at any time no matter how often the opportunity has been shoved into their hands. Re the Fight for 15 during the campaign, occupy, etc.

      The DLC will purge their ranks of all liberals,while actively giving their conservatives a pass. Just watch, and remember Pelosi’s statement “impeachment is off the table”. (I anxiously await a repeat performance in Nov. 2018.)

      I want to remind everyone of my position, backed up by empirical evidence* that a vote for a third party in this country is a vote for the R’s. We need to take control of the Democratic Party and fix it, not reinvent the wheel.

      It’s really easy to take control of the D’s from the ground up. 80% of success is showing up. Go to your local meetings and fucking take control. We have to take it, no one is going to give it to us.

      *The greens have been on the scene since the 1970’s and after 40 odd years have, still not managed to field a presidential candidate in all 50 states.

      (What’s that definition of insanity, again?)


    • ming says:

      Well said.


    • tengrain says:

      Vixen for preznint!

      Really, a great comment. Thank you!




  2. tengrain says:

    I’m fine with the moral high ground, or even the high horse: you get a better kill shot.

    There’s no point in taking the ground, however, if you don’t attack from there. I’m still waiting for the attack.




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